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    im living with this girl and she is getting on my NERVES!
    she is about 5 years older than the rest of us (this is her 2nd degree) and she ALWAYS thinks she is right about everything... and nobody else could possibly have a valid opinion.
    now its really snowy here at the moment, and with some of our classes cancelled.
    this morning though we woke up and couldnt see a thing outside our window. we wernt sure if classes would be on or not... but one of my other flatmates was up so we decided just to go to class to see. as my annoying flatmate had made no signs of life and her light wasnt on, we assumed she had just looked outside the window and gone back to sleep.
    once we got to lectures we realised that everything was still on schedule, so after my tutorial i texted her to let her know that all the classes were on, and asked if she would be coming for our project meeting at 10am. next thing i know i get a call back from her YELLING at me saying 'why are you tellling me this now... we had a tutorial at 9am... if i fail this course its all your fault ect....' i explained that i had figured she was just not going to bother trudging through the snowstorm (and in fact very few people were actually in class) but still when she eventually came for our group meeting she just sat their silently not contributing AT ALL and ignored me.

    im now sitting in my room and i can hear her on her phone to her parents complaining about how i didnt wake her up in the morning and how i was inconsiderate in not waking her up etc.... even though we have had sleep in issues before with another flatmate and had supposedly reached a flat consensus to just go to class if other people arnt up.

    she hasnt said anything to me since shouting at me on the phone this morning, and i dont think i should apologize, as i am not sorry, and in fact think she should be sorry to me. on the other hand i live with her and need her to work on our project, which she probably wont do if she is angry.

    i must seem like a real ***** but what should i do.... go into her room to apologize (and risk getting yelled at again)... or ignore her???
    suggestions please

    Wow. You are not a *****, she is the one that is bang fukcing out of order. 5years older? She sounds awful to live with.

    I feel sorry for you and your housemates, give her a good clobbering in the fanny from me, because that is what sge deserves. You should tell your flatmates and just be a ***** back, get them against her. Come on, you and i are both girls we know how beneficial a good ***** can be. I mean she wrongly bad mouthed you to her parents and gpd knows whoelse she complained to.

    You had no reason to wake her and no obligation to let her know if class was even on. University is abou independance and motivation, if she couldn't get her arse out of bed and find out if lectures were on then that is her loss. Second time round, bloody hell you'd think she'd have picked this up by now.

    Just give her the silent treatment and let her be the faggy ********** that she is. She will grow in to society thinking that such behaviour is acceptable and will then be ostrisized and slapped across the face by the world. Lesson learned.

    I need to go have a cup of tea now, ***** like her do not help my blood pressure!
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    I would completely ignore her, she sounds like she has serious issues in her life. If she really gets out of hand then I would speak to someone at the uni about her.

    :lolwut: This sounds exactly like my flatmate, it's quite scary.

    I would personally just give her the silent treatment to be honest. Considering she is 5 years older she is behaving like a spoilt child, you would think she would know how to behave! :rolleyes:

    It is not your job to get her out of bed in the morning, and don't ever let her think it is. She should have been grateful for you texting her at all - some people would have assumed she may have already left and just gone without her! I think that is really rude of her to behave like that. She needs to grow up, you're not her mother. :rolleyes:

    *****ing down the phone to her parents is also incredibly pathetic - she probably twisted the story to make it sound like she'd been victimised - another thing that my flatmate does on a regular basis. I would say I hope she's not reading this, but I don't really care if she does.
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Updated: November 30, 2010
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