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I'm doing the number grid coursework at the moment and I can't finish it. I could go on and on about formulas for the grids and the boxes and the diagonals forever, I can't seem to end it!
How is algebra going to elp me in later life anyway? I want to be a music teacher and I'm pretty sure I won't need algebra!!!!
Does anyone else have problems with getting loads of different pieces of coursework at the same time? I've had maths, Science, English and R.E this week!
I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!

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I'm not doing coursework at the moment, but I think I have something to add concerning your dismissal of algebra.

Later on in life, you will encounter a great deal of problems that require algebra. If you're a builder, a businessman or whatever, you're going to be at a great disadvantage if you can't master basic mathematics such as algebra. If you can't learn it, you'll have a harder (but not necessarily hard) time later.
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