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    Now you have opened this thread I hope you could bother to read all of this and help me, even if you just reply with one sentence.

    I was wondering if someone could read what I have written and explain to me my options, because I’m really worried about what’s going to happen to me if I do bad in my exams this semester.

    During my first year at uni I got an average of 80% with no mark lower than a 2.1. My degree is the hardest one offered by the school at my uni. The first year of my degree accounts for 0% of my overall degree classification and my second and third years account for 40% and 60% of my degree respectively (or so I believe). During my first year I had almost 100% attendance for my tutorials.

    Around the start of this semester at uni (my second year), I received some news which made me depressed. I locked myself in my room and refused to go out with my friends, only going out to buy food and attend the few lectures I could bear to attend.

    While I was depressed I saw my universities councillor once, but I did not want to talk about the cause of my problems so this was no use to me and I never returned. I don't mean to offend anyone saying this but when I say I was depressed I had a very real reason to be depressed, and because of things that happened to me in my life I'm quite strong with the problems I have.

    I feel a lot better now but I am really behind on my reading. I think that the highest mark I will get for this semester is a low 2.2, with at least two fails- but I’m really worried about being kicked out of university for failing which could happen (even though I may be being overly pessimistic). Even though I have a lot of time to study for my exams, I still not in a place where I can study. I read and make notes but I don't take things in. I keep daydreaming about things that happened to me and it distracts me so much (this no longer depresses me but it gets in the way).

    I was thinking about the possibility of resitting the year if I fail, but I have two problems. One is that I support myself financially and I have no one else to help me in life. I live on my student loan (I get the full amount) and live off it for the full year, that and any odd jobs I can find. How would my student finance be affected if I did have to resit the year? If my grants go I don’t think I could return to uni and resit my second year, so what would my options be?

    The second issue I have is that I don’t think I could prove that I had the problems I said I had. The only proof I have is me seeing the councillor that one time, but the uni could just think that I lied to get away with failing because of not working hard enough. I seriously have no proof about me becoming depressed. I am really good at hiding my emotions which may be a big problem for me now. On the outside I am a "normal" (I hate using that word but I can't think of a better way to put it) person with no problems. I put a smile on my face and hide everything. My past taught me how to do this. When I locked myself in my room my friends thought I was studying in there all that time and I led them to believe this.

    I do have a long history with social services as a child. My depression was caused by memories of what happened to me rushing back, and not about the event that rtiggered this to happen (It may be had for me to prove this event anyway). Would that be enough to support my claim of depression? For the first few lectures of each of my modules I have really good notes which I made in timing with the lectures showing I set out working hard. If I show the university my notes for the first few lectures would that help my case?

    I was also wondering, if I manage to scrape by this semester with a really low mark, and end up with a 2.2 degree overall. because of it, what are my options for applying for graduate jobs which require a 2.1? Would they be satisfied by me showing them an isolated dip in my grades on my module transcript?

    I know if I can get by this semester I won't need to resit and I will be back on track with my life. I really don’t want to speak to my university about the issues I’m having for a number or reasons so I was wondering if any of you could make any comments about the above.

    Thanks a lot.

    I don't know what your exam dates/assessment dates are for this year or whether you are behind with work that will be assessed towards your degree but it seems to me that it's still quite early in the year so there's plenty of time for you to pull up it you really decide to do it.
    It does sound as if you're being overly pessimistic but if you're serious about collecting evidence that you can present to the uni in support of a future request to repeat the year, I think you could consider seeing the counsellor but telling her the truth this time.Also, consider why you'd necessarily be in a "better place" to study in about nine months' time if nothing has fundamentally changed. If you are suffering from depression have you thought about going to your GP?
    Also I think that probably as far as your tutor / the uni are concerned there is no great problem at the moment as from what you say you did well last year.
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