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    Hey guys,

    First of all, this forum is really helpful. Will do my best to contribute as well.

    I applied to the LL.M.-programme for the 2011/2012 term. It's not hard to figure out LSE-fees but I'd like to get an estimated overall amount of what a year at LSE would cost me.

    With respect to accomodation I would calculate with an amount of 200p/week (thinking on applying to Grosvenor, Northumberland and Liliane Knowles).

    But what about living expenses. Well I'm a first year lawyer at the moment and obviously have a different livestyle than a 20year undergrad. However, I don't have a flashy livestyle. Don't need to hang around in the fanciest clubs every weekend etc. but a beer at the pub should be in the budget. However I spent quite a lot on (organic) food and like to eat out quite frequently. What about an additional 700p for living?


    i just replied to something similar so i literally just copied the mssg over:

    London - well everything is more pricey here
    depending on what lifestyle you want to have you can always reduce the amt u spend

    i dont spend a lot
    maybe food is where i spend the most
    (if you live iin a hall that is catered - voila save more money - would recommend passfield hall)

    if u live in an uncatered hall - ie. provide your own dinner, i think spending around 20-25 pounds a week should suffice
    dont gorge yourself on M&S and instead opt for cheaper supermarkets? like tescos

    lunch - cheapest option is to make packed lunch
    but food at lse restaurants etc would set you back around £5 per lunch?
    Wright's Bar at LSE has the cheapest food, i think sandwhiches are like £1 maybe a bit more

    going out
    depends where youre going what youre doing
    i recommend if youre on a tight budget go out, twice a week?
    probably can do it for £20 each time?

    if you want to do things like watch musicals it will cost like £30-£40
    so do it once in a while

    id say im not someone who is too active esp this year
    i probably live on £20-£30 a week? on occasions if i go out and do something big £40?

    accommodation in the halls would set u back maybe £3k-£4k
    if you live outside ( you would be set back £10k if you include all your bills, travelling, internet costs)

    i reckon with you're £5k youre pretty sorted
    say accom is £3.5k (in halls) you have £1.5k for the year
    split that to the 20-30 weeks you will be in london
    you have £50 per week - if you dont consume a lot then you may have some leftovers
    i recommend you try to get an extra £1k maybe? to fill in the social needs and occasional lavish spending?

    if you get a job at LSE, you can be paid like £10 an hour (if youre lucky to get the right job)

    downside, if you DONT get to live in a hall.. mmm bad bad.. some of my friends pay £170 per week to live in a flat, some pay £130
    but you need to consider now water, electricity, internet bills, travelling as well if you live far
    [when i totalled it up it went to like £8-10k]

    hope this helps

    The times that you'll spend the most are when you're at LSE and you have to hang around/eat in Holborn/the Strand. The rest of the time it's not difficult to keep costs down - the main issue at LSE is its students don't tend to be the most money conscious (since they don't need to) and therefore you may find yourself over-spending with friends.
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