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Dropping out of uni and reapplying to a different one next year- help needed Watch

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    Hey there, i hope i'm writing this in the right thread as i have a variety of questions on different topics here.

    I am currently a first year student studying Event Management at Coventry University, however i am not happy with my course as it was not how i expected it to be and i'm quite dissapointed in it. I'm looking at dropping out and then reapplying to do Hospitality Management next september preferably at Thames Valley.

    What are the steps i need to make in order to get this running? Do i contact my course tutor letting him know what i want to do? And do i need to contact UCAS about making a new application which involves new references and personal statements- basically starting from scratch? Is it worth talking to student support at my university also?

    A notable mistake i have also made is that the deadline for actually dropping out and the tuition fee taken out of student finance was November 30th, however it is past that now. Is there a chance to get this refunded or have i created debt for myself and they expect it back when i drop out even though i'm reapplying for next year?

    Also i am in student accomodation, does anyone know how long they will give me to pack up and leave after i decide i want to leave? The amount of rent i have already paid from my maintenece loan covers me up until christmas, so would they allow me to stay until then and make arrangements for all my things to get collected?

    I understand i've not put myself in an ideal situation by dropping out and making the decision to do a different course at a different uni next year but i am very sure that this is what i want to do and any advice on how to get the ball rolling would be excellent.

    Hi mate I was in the same situation last year, let me add you need to make your decision straight away. I was a week too late and ended up paying £900 tutition fees for 2 months tutoring, some universitys have different dates but get it sorted straight away. To drop out contact a personal tutor/course leader they will be able to help you.

    I'm not sure if its dependent on your local authorities but where I live students are only entitled to 4 years financial support so any loans that have occurred hang onto them and try not to spend them.

    You next step after dropping out is to look for a new course. When applying you do it through UCAS again but if your staying at the same university they may just be able to transfer you.

    As for your accommodation I don't know sorry!

    Well, in order to drop out you have to submit a change of status form (or whatever it's called where you're at). You may be able to print it from the university website or get it from the student advice center. Then you have to fill it in and get it signed by your level 1 tutor and you're ready to submit it. You may talk to your personal tutor or someone from the advice center about this decision, but if you've made a firm choice then there's no need to (it's totally up to you). Although the advice center people usually do have a lot of information about how to deal with finances and accommodation so if you have any questions of that sort then that's where you should go.

    You don't need to contact UCAS about anything. Just sign up and start filling out your application like you did last year (although this time you may be an independent applicant). You can get started on it this very second if you want.

    Since you're past the dropping out date you will probably have to pay some tuition fees to the university. Every places sets their own rates/percentages so you have to go to the source to find out how much you owe them.

    You can stay in your accommodation until the end of this billing period. Most places have three billing periods and the first one ends in late December; apparently the same is true in your case. If the last date of this billing period is December 23, for example, then no one has the right to kick you out before that. You do have to formally request an early termination of your residence contract (and let them know of the date you're planning to leave the accommodation). Since you're withdrawing from the university there shouldn't be any obstacles and they should just let you out of the contract without any hassle. There may be fees associated with early termination, but those are likely to be taken out of the deposit. Anyhow, all the specifics you need regarding this are definitely going to be found in your residence contract or you can ask the accommodation office for more information.
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