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Having been around for a while I have a few things happen to UKL - some good and some more bad. I thought i would just take the oppetunity to go through all the bad things which annoy me about the forum - don't take it personally (I've commited most of them) it's just for fun.

  • People who ask for rep
  • "Who hates me?" polls
  • Members with more than 1 pic in thier sig
  • People quoting the entire post before they reply
  • People who come on to post im bored threads
  • People who say they're leaving and then come back
  • People writing in text speak
  • Complaints about anyone who dosn't write in perfect english
  • d speculation
  • Members with postcount targets
  • People asking for coursework
  • People who give away rep to the first person who replies to their
  • People who want help on xxxx module
  • Lol - i agree
  • Members who feel supirior becuase they've been around for 3 months longer than other members
  • Newbies who's first post is to ask to be a mod
  • We need more mods
  • Mods saying we don't
  • Server busy
  • People moaning about their bad rep
  • Posts with irrelivant titles
  • UKL - the rivals (think about it antything else will get filtered)
  • Spam advertising
  • Other sorts of spam
  • People creating harry potter threads to moan about the harry potter thread
  • Annoying avatars
  • People who use every smiley in every post
  • Anyone who responds to complete strangers with "luv ya xxxx"
  • Brick throwing
  • Parties
  • People wanting to chat
  • People at computers next to each other conducting a conversation on ukl
  • Writing in unreadable colours or large fonts
  • people replying to the same post with the same answer all at once
  • Anyone with "Yes please" under the sex field in their profile
  • Threads in ALL CAPS

And finally - after a big argument where one half of the forum are pitted against the other half in an epic battle of wicked words and inflated egos, some idiot saying...

Where is the love?

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