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    Yes, i'm against the tuition fee increase but wouldn't be so against it if a degree was actually worth anywhere near what it used to be.

    The fact is nowadays graduates, even before the recession found it hard to get decent jobs as there are simply not enough jobs for the levels of graduates our universities are manufacturing each year.

    The fact is, people are going to university to do things which they shouldn't be goign to university for, and it may even be disadvantaging them! I mean "fashion make up degrees" i know two people from my school doing these and I think it's just such a waste as they should just do a college, not 3 year degree programme after their A levels! Also things like photography would be far better learning on the job etc...same with floristry degrees!

    People are pushed into university, not overtly, but covertly through the system. At my secondary school we were always basically told that we must do a degree in orderm to be successful etc and this has been drilled into us from an early age which basically pushed people into unievrsity. This has meant people who should not be going (for example someone in my year who has taken his GCSE english about 4 times and failed to get a C grade is doing a foundation degree to get to university!) People like that shouldn't be going!

    I know this sounds elitist, but there is a line between being elitist and being down right stupid and we've crossed that line as we are sending people who should not be there, with terrible grades etc which is not only not benefitting the country in general but DISADVANTAGING THE INDIVIDUALS THEMSELVES!

    Soo the real solution and only solution I believe would be to vastly reduce the
    numbers going to university, or create more graduate level jobs some how. I mean isn't it a complete scam people spending 3 years when their is a good chance they'll end up somewhere where you can get with just GCSEs (there are many suppoort workers at my mum's work who are graduates!) The fact they believe it is different to the reality is a scam, and now a VERY EXPENSIVE SCAM!

    Also, our country has a horrible habbit of not appeaciating something when it becomes free. Behaviour in school, and participation rates are an example of this. By paying for things (i'm not saying we should pay for education before higher education) it makes us appreciate it far more and work harder, for example when people have to pay for courses themselves the dropout rate is much lower.

    Maybe the increase in fees will benefit our country as it will reduce the numbers going so the ones who should be going will be attending university, and ensure our top institutions especially are properly funded so we can compete on the world stage.

    I would appreciate any feedback. I know this post isn't really in a good order or whatever it is just my thoughts put down as I wanted to see what people thought.

    Have a great day

    Original story, bro.

    Wait wait wait... hold up..?!

    You want to reduce the amount of people going to university?!

    Jesus.. well.. maybe its a good idea.. lets wait until after those silly university fee's rise where less people will chose to go to university.

    We'll wait til that happens, then put in your original idea.

    (Original post by my_username_was_taken)
    Blame capitalism for generating ever more intense competition for jobs and which leads to 'skills inflation', part of which is the phenomenon in which more and more people feel like they must be a graduate in order to be competitive for pretty much any job. It's not uncommon for prospective employers to filter applications by educational attainment. It might be crude but when hundreds of people apply for a single post it's the kind of thing that happens. Given such a scenario, if you don't have a degree and plenty of other applicants do, you're at an immediate disadvantage, and it easily makes no difference whether or not the degree is necessary to the post.

    I'd also suggest that most of those who want access to university to be reduced don't often wish to see themselves so excluded.
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