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Can I wear an onld retainer? Watch

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    Okay so I got my braces off like in February of 2009 and I wore my retainer all the time (apart from when I was at school) for about 2 months. (She only instructed to wear it for 6 weeks full time but being as I wasn't wearing it at school I thought I'd make up for it). After that I wore it at night for a 2/3 months until like May 2009 and didn't wear it again until I noticed in August 2009 a gap forming in between my two front teeth. One of my bottom four teeth was also beginning to go crooked. This scared me alot because before I got my braces I never had a gap inbetween my two front teeth or crooked bottom teeth - it was there to fix a canine tooth that was protruding from the top of my gum and wouldn't fit. So after that I searched everywhere for my retainer and found it! I wore it for a few weeks but at first the pain was very bad! However, in 2 or 3 nights my teeth were as good as new...
    Every 2 or 3 months, when I saw my teeth beginning to move again I would pop it in for a week or so and they would be fine. However I do realise that this can't be good for my teeth or gum's health! I haven't worn it for 3 months now and I tried it last night. It fits! But snuggly.. I was too nervous to wear it though as I don't want to do any lasting damage to my teeth. Whhat should I do? I fear that my teeth will end up in worse state than before I had braces if I leave them off but I don't want to damage my teeth by wearing them yet again! Please help this is a nightmare..

    Additional Details: I live in England and the retainer I am talking about is a CLEAR PLASTIC MOULD. not the metal ones!!

    Thankyou so muchhhh
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    Did your ortho tell you that you didn't need to wear it at night? I'd suggest ringing her up and asking. Retainers don't do 'lasting damage', otherwise they wouldn't give them to you! The general point is that teeth like to move. Wear your retainer and they'll slot in to place, stop wearing it and they'll move back again. I needed a huge job done to my teeth and jaws but my ortho is slowly 'weaning' my teeth off of my retainer; although I'll always have to wear it, it's been reduced in the past 18 months from all the time to every other night. I'm no expert but, if you're worried, I'd guess you could pop it in. The reason it hurts is because you're teeth are moving back into place.

    I cant see that wearing the retainer would damage your teeth, if you feel your teeth are moving back perhaps just wear it at night?

    Unfortunately I had the same problem but my teeth did end up moving back after having braces removed at age 15... they got so bad that I am now on my second course of orthodontics, which Ive had to pay for.
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Updated: December 6, 2010
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