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Democratic Islam poll and discussion. Watch

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    I am a muslim and I don't think the video was fair.
    I am not a muslim and think the video was fair and truthful.
    I am a muslim and think the video was fair and truthful.
    I am not a muslim and don't think the video was fair.

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    Please could people who want to troll and/or dish out verbal abuse please not post here, any verbal abuse will not be tolerated and the posts will be flagged for moderators to see. The moderators, I'm sure, will be more understanding towards this post because it does not contain anything that abuses other users, and only promotes fair discussion.

    I would like to start a thread about this video, which is a radio DJ having a convosation with a muslim;


    What do you think?

    To answer any questions that muslims may ask;

    1) The DJ was making generalisations?
    No, at 5:27 he said "I understand that these bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists do not represent the majority of muslims". Secondly, he never said "all muslims...", he only gave specific examples.
    I will say however that everyday during threads like these we hear stuff like "they don't represent Islam etc", we've heard what the DJ had to say about that statement, but we often hear that some of the people who would be referred to as 'moderate muslims' are taking part in activities that are not moderate. Eg penalty for apostasy is other countries, which inevitable most muslims want here (I say most, not just some, because if that is what is written in Sharia law, which rather than take my word for it go and look it up for yourself, why they wouldn't want it because it is part of their religion).

    2) The caller didn't have time to talk?
    The caller made a few points which were then answered by the caller in a direct way so that the full answer (after the full statement by the caller had been made) could be given with no interuptions. An example of the sort of 'beating around the bush' often experienced is obvious from TSR, and also here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMQ7xJAGfks

    3) I must be racist?
    Firstly, Islam isn't a race, it is a religion, and any attempt to try and stitch togeather an argument to brand someone racist is going to be illogical. Branding racist, by the way, is not something people are going to be manipulated by as a way to shut people up and not hold people to account for doing wrong, and will not stop people standing up for what they believe is right and, ultimately, telling the truth.

    4) Some muslims may suggest that "the presenter owned himself"?
    No idea how you "own yourself"? but presumably that means proving yourself wrong? well firstly I would say that everything the DJ says was true. His examples happen everyday and he pointed out the general feeling towards Islam by alot of people, which as he said isn't caused by some racist created Islamaphobia (as muslims would have you believe), but it is caused by what THEY do.

    5) I must be uneducated?
    If standing up for what you believe is right is uneducated, then me, other TSR users and western society must be uneducated. I suspect that being a student chat room, using that work (uneducated) is simply another tactic to try to get people to be quiet and to not address the point of the thread. I suspect that the ex-muslim in this video isn't uneducated about Islam however http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQzuFrMRA3M

    6) A question I have for muslims:
    What did you think of the points the DJ made, like the examples he gave etc?
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