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    panic panic panic.

    I feel awful, because i do have people to live with in 2nd year but it's going to be a very small, very quiet house and that is the last thing i want my house to be. I love them to bits, but it will be horrible coming home to an empty house every day and the weekends. I've tried suggesting doubling up with another small group of people, but they don't like the idea. I don't know what to do - any ideas?

    Believe me, a small, quiet house is a good thing when you want to get work done.

    Live in a small quiet house, that way you're not the poor ******* who gets to clean up after the parties. Just go trash someone elses big noisy house instead, like everyone and their mum did to my house last year

    (Original post by radiated yoghurt)
    Believe me, a small, quiet house is a good thing when you want to get work done.
    I agree. And when you want it to be louder then just invite people over

    It might sound boring now, but next year you'll be thanking your lucky stars you lived with quiet people.

    I live in a house of seven - four guys, three girls - and all of us are pretty quiet except one guy. It works well. We still all communicate well, socialise lots, have people over constantly and generally have a good time. Quiet != boring. You don't have to be noisy to enjoy yourself.
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    i live in a house of 10 people.
    well, its fun and all, but you dont have any PROPER privacy, cos there is always atleast somebody around.

    you will be woken up my late night music and banging the night before you have a 9 o clock exam.
    you will really neeed to pee, but will find someone puked yellow chunky puke all over the toilet seat and not cleaned.
    you will find that your food is gone.
    you fill find that things are randomly broken iin the house, the price of which you will also have to pay
    you will find that if one person is angry with you, everyone behaves weird for atleast 1 day.

    now do you still want to live in a big group? Do You?
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