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    A lazy partner is somebody who expects the other partner to do all the big things in a relationship

    my post in another thread about it
    (Original post by DOA)
    your the most annoying type of girl the ones who say he wont say he loves me/have sex with me/ ask me out/ other things and complain about it but wont make the first move. Your happy to just sit back while he makes all the effort and puts himself at risk of embarresment with every leap forward the relationship takes. Basically you have no right to complain unless you have said it to him because you havent done anything yourself to correct the situation
    so have you ever been in a relationship with one of these people?
    do you wish they would pull their weight?
    Are you one?
    What do you think of these people?

    Hmm... I'm very open, and I don't think I could be with anyone who expected me to do everything like that. However, my ex boyfriend was very much like that... when it came to sex. I was the one initiating things to start with. Then I got bored and stopped. Then he suddenly expected sex all the time... it fizzled out, we argued, and we split up.

    With current boyfriend he's always wanting to do something. Go out, see a film, have a meal, rent a film. I guess I'm the lazy one, because I just want to chill out!

    Why would you want someone to say I love you when you'd be at risk of pressuring them to lie. You don't have to love someone to be their BF.
    Edit: in reference to the mother thread
    I can see where you are coming from but you can't change the persona and interaction of certain people. It's these distinct lock/key traits which determine who is suited for who. I'm not shy at asking out or being frank with my desires, but at the same time you're right, i wouldn't want to be doing all the initiating and instigating within a relationship.

    Having said that i get a bit phobic if a guy is too interested but then again that is just me, the person who fits that is obviously one who is suited to my needs. Some people enjoy being the dominant one and are confident enough to have a relationship with passive people. Some people (my own sister BIG TIME) require constant reassurance of their partners affection and need to hand the reins to the other partner.
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    I think I'm the lazy one in our relationship. I don't like to initiate anything, I'm so scared of rejection or seeming desperate. This has actually helped the guy like me more though. It's like the whole 'treatin' them mean' thing... and he tries harder to please me and initiates everything.
    But whenever he doesn't give me attention, i think he has given up, so in that case i do start things
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Updated: December 8, 2010
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