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    I have a tricky situation...

    I do not know whether to accept my offer for Classical Archaeology at UCL or Social Policy at the LSE. UCL is regarded as the best in the world for archaeology, but LSE is still regarded as one of the absolute best in the UK for Social Policy.

    Now, I know an eminently obvious question I should ask myself first is: "which course would you enjoy more?" But I honestly could not say; both fascinate me. So, for now, I'd like people's views on other aspects of the institutions. Advice will be really appreciated!

    1. Both courses at both universities are regarded as being the best in the country/world, but which will afford me greater graduate prospects? The Classical Archaeology course would be teaching me Latin, Greek, a bit of ancient history, as well as facets of geology and material science. It seems to offer more than the Social Policy course, but which would employers like more? Would they just read 'archaeology' and dismiss it?

    2. Environment... Which area is nicer? Both are situated in London, and both will offer the London experience, but which part of London is nicer? Which university do you think is prettier? Are the students particularly different at UCL from the LSE?

    3. Which is more respected? LSE has a bigger name in the US, but UCL seems to be more known here/in other parts of the world. In terms of rankings, I know the LSE is unfairly dragged down, but the UCL rankings will probably count for something? What with them being so high. From what I've gathered, both, overall, are equally prestigious, well-known and respected...same with Imperial. But all 3 are revered for different things.

    I know this is a situation that is personal to me, subjective and cannot be answered that well, but I'd like to know what any of you think I'm finding it so hard to make a decision.

    (Original post by INTJ)
    Lots of words that I read but decided to cut from the quote lest this post appear too long - sorry.
    I may be naive and I am not an employer ... but I don't think either degree on its own will make employers go, "Oh wow, we must have them." You'd need experience and extra-curriculars around both of those to make them worthwhile. So if you have any leanings towards which subject you enjoy more, take note of them.

    Having lived in London, stayed with my friend who studies at UCL and visited LSE a few years ago myself, I would say I personally prefer the area that LSE is in. IMO, it's also prettier and less spread-out ... but that is very subjective. I think the UCL students are probably more rounded than the LSE ones ... but not everyone is going to be the same.

    Reputation, they're pretty much the same. Like you say, both are respected for different things ... but you've applied for those things, and would be going to the best uni for the course with either one of them. Rankings themselves mean little besides a general indicator, and they indicate both are top-class unis.

    How did you write a PS for classical archaeology and social policy?
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