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Me and boyfriend on a 'break' - but we have kept in contact? Watch

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    i decided on saturday that things mightn't be working, don't seriously see things working out in the long term. think i'm just using him cause i'm lonely... and i was confused about him. i'm only 19. he's 21.
    but everytime i thought about an official breakup, i got really emotional. So i suggested a break to see how we both feel. He agreed to whatever make me happy.

    next day i was relieved. kindof sad but ok. then he texted asking how i was. and i replied. then i couldnt stop thinking about him. got really sickened, and kept texting him that night wanting to have a conversation... he was very distant and cold.
    i didn't speak to him the whole of next day, then i was on facebook and he asked how i was. then i couldnt stop thinking about him.. and texted him that night with no response.
    the next day i was certain i wouldn't text him.
    but he texted me constantly asking for me back, saying sorry, pleading with me. saying i'm all he'll ever want...i got so upset. i didn;t know what to do. i'm still confused. Part of me is so lonely and so unhappy, but is that a proper reason to be with him. i rely too much on him. I am at university during the week anyways, so it's like we havent been apart really. today i texted him asking if he'd like to meet up this weekend? he just replied "yeah."

    now i dont know if the whole 'break' thing worked. cause im still unclear. maybe we needed no contact?? when he texted he kept reminding me of him, and i was depressed for the whole day. is this a sign that i really like him and want to be with him? should i get back? or try a break with no contact? or just reak up officially cause i'm being cruel to him.....

    i asked him if he wanted to break up and save the hassle waiting for me to decide.. or will he wait. he said ofcourse he'll wait for me. help. I'm scared i might get back with him, but change my mind, like next week again.

    You need no contact for a week or two to fully realise whether or not you do still want to be with your boyfriend. Try and stick to it because then it should give you a clear decision as to what you want to do. From your post though, seeing as you did text back and do constantly think about him, there is still something there between you? Either work on it, or try a real break?
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    Personally, I think you need to rethink why you decided to take a break in the first place..
    If it was for a good reason, then maybe you should cut off all contact with him and you can both start moving on?
    If the reasons aren't so good.. the relationship may be worth another shot.. though I think you should be prepared that he'll probably be a bit more paranoid and things may be awkward between you two.

    I guess I recommend you think about why you broke up with him and see if it was the right idea.. I'll give an example
    Broke up with my ex in feb this year since everything about her started to annoy me.. then day after as I'd dumped her that didn't seem to matter to me anymore and I wanted her back.. luckily* I wasn't too late and managed to win her back
    *Though maybe not so lucky since she broke my heart 2 months ago :rolleyes:

    Maybe try this... What do you want to do? And what do you think is the right thing to do? :hmmmm:
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Updated: December 9, 2010
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