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not spoken to one of my closest friends in over a month Watch

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    we got in a fight on DofE coz we were there with a load of ppl I really dont get on with who had to do it coz they were forced to + everyone wanted to cheat apart from both of us.
    i asked her to back me up when i said we shouldnt cheat to the others
    she didnt the first time i mentioned it. she didn't the second - she showed them the shortcut.
    so basically she lied to me + undermined me in front of a bunch of people who made Y7 hell for me (which is why i dislike them) + left me singled out of everyone there

    understandably i was pissed coz she's supposed to be one of my best mates, + generally when i'm pissed with someone i just completley ignore them until i cool off or they apoligise or we just talk. but it really upset me what happened + so i didnt speak to her for ages + she didn't apoligise or even speak to me

    It's now been a month + we've not spoken. i've been cut of from my entire friendship group at school coz it sounds stupid when i say it so I didnt + there was a thing with another mate from before

    i don't really know what to do coz i'm quite a prideful person + i know i probably handled it wrong but communication is a two way thing + i won't apoligise unless i get some indication that she'll say sorry for what she did.

    I would just go back + talk to them, get on with it, whatever, but after i would go over talk to other people in the group - never wanted anyone to take sides or anything - but this guy basically told me that i was being a ***** + making things akward + so to go away (though it wasnt quite so blunt).

    i decided to cut my losses + just stop hanging out with them coz i'm not that close to other people in the group + have other people round school who i can hang out with but verythings just screwing me up + making me kinda unhappy coz i liked how things were and now everythings just got kinda ****ed

    + i know this probably just makes me sound like a whiney immature teenager (which is one of the reasons i didnt say anything) + i dont really know what i'm asking its just i was rly happy before - it took 5 years for everything to come together for me + i was finally happy + now everythings just kinda escalated beyond what i (at least) expected + i dont really know what to do coz she was a close friend who i valued + now everythings just escalated like i say + its rly messing me up..........

    anyone been in a similar situation? or got any idea what to do. i know the description was kinda long............ soory about that.
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Updated: December 9, 2010
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