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    for some context i will explian my situation.
    i suffer depression, my first episode was when i was 11 and it lasted until i was 16, im now on my second episode wich has lasted over a year now.
    the problem is i went to uni this sept and was put in poor accomodation which made my depression worse. i was moved out and put into other accomodation but other things then became problematic.
    the people who i lived with in the other halls got all *****y and were complete dicks to me because of their lies, making my depression worse still.
    now my closer friend saw me hug her ex and assumed it meant i wanted to get with him. i was consoling him because he is also suffering so i know what its like. that was all.
    i have self harmed before but only when i was about 14 and when things were really bad and only by hittin walls and draggin my nails along my skin. this time it feels different.
    the last time i did it, a few days ago, i stabbed myself in the arm several times with a fork, which i am now havin to cover up, but i dont remember doing it. i tried to go to my student support office but its closed for christmas.
    everything feels out of control and i have no1 to talk to about this. and to any1 who belives this is stupid its not like i chose to do it. it just happened and feel ashamed about it.
    i was just looking for any advice. should i drop out? should i go talk to someone about it? has any1 ever done this too but cant remember actually doing it?

    I get where you're coming from... I suffered from depression for 6/7 years, and self harmed pretty much daily over that time. If anything, the self harm made me feel so much worse, and it's one of the biggest regrets of my life now, knowing that I will be permanently scarred, it's a constnat reminder of what went on in the past, so I can never truly move on.
    My advice to you would be steer clear of the self harm. I know that's easier said than done, but once you get into a pattern of doing it, stopping will be next to impossible. Try something else instead to take your mind off wanting to self harm.
    Also, are you on prescribed antidepressants? If you are, I suggest you go back to your doctor as they don't seem to be working...
    If you aren't, definately go to your doctor about it.
    Explain your situation to them, everything about uni and generally feeling rubbish, and possibly ask them to get you in touch with a councillor?
    As for whether or not you should drop out, it's really up to you. Do you think you would feel happier if you weren't there, or just unhappy in a different situation? If you do feel dropping out would be best, talk to your parents about it sooner rather than later, give them a chance to understand why you want to.
    Hope this helps, good luck xx

    Exercise and laugh. And stop cutting yourself.
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Updated: December 11, 2010
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