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    Hello guys/girls, I've come here hopefully looking for a few tips/pointers as to how to be more confident around girls physically as opposed to general confidence. I'm 17 years old (male) and studying alevels at sixthform where I'd consider myself pretty popular and I think I've sort of worked out who I am, my true personality I guess. I feel I have the 'label' of being the funny, chilled out guy so to speak. Despite this I've always been shy and pretty quiet and to an extent it's just how I am, don't like to make a fuss and so on but I've always been self conscious and worried what people think.

    Based on this I've never had a relationship with a girl, I've always been fine talking to them and being 'friends', to an extent flirting but I've never been out with a girl or had any physical contact with them. I feel I have had opportunities in the past to get to that point i.e. I've liked a girl and I got the impression they felt the same but I've never gone for it because I don't feel like I know how to touch/kiss them(more than a peck) and I'd end up feeling even more self conscious doing it in public and embarrased. This problem I feel has got worse as time passed, as others were getting this sort of experience and I wasn't so they would know what they were doing whereas I wouldn't. I've always struggled with giving affection from an early age, partly due to the way I've been brought up as my dad etc has never been that type of guy so I just feel as if the whole thing is alien to me.

    The point of this thread I guess then is to help me try and get over this because I already feel it's getting worse as time is passing. I feel as if I made a move on a girl at a party or so on everyone would make a big deal of it and gossip because as I say (although I don't like the idea) I feel I have this label which has never been associated with girls. I simply don't know how to kiss a girl 'properly' or generally be intimate.

    Any advice welcome, cheers

    Be funny.

    9/10 that's all girls need to be interested in you romantically. It's not something you can 'learn' exactly, but perhaps something you can work on and develop.

    If they're cute, tell them. If you want them, tell them. If they say something that you can misinterpret sexually, do it. If they say something that you can't misinterpret sexually, do it anyway. Demand hugs. Ask for kisses (not in a needy way but in a playful way).
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Updated: December 11, 2010
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