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    I'm a-political, I only seek to get to the facts, correct me if I'm wrong:

    2 demos/riots didn't change the Gov't vote.

    In British Society you win by good argument, "we don't negotiate with terrorists".

    It made me watch TV, something I don't do for a loooong time :yep:

    Shocking. I think demos achieve something.

    Probably because student demos barely do any harm to the general public.

    Postal workers strike, people don't get post. Tube drivers strike, people struggle to get around. Students strike, everyone else bar the police carry on with what they were doing.

    The only people really affected by student demonstrations are the students, and perhaps their lecturers might feel a tad demoralised if their lecture theatre's empty.

    1) It upsets the state/establishment.

    Look at how the policing was handled. Excessive violence, threatening, intimidation. The state doesn't like it when you don't conform, so they send round their uniformed thugs to beat unarmed and unarmoured protesters.

    The gov't did not want this public fuss about the fees and have manipulated the media and in league with the police have told a one sided story to make the students look like vandals, rather than focus on key issues or what really happened. David Cameron's statement on the protests is factually incorrect! As is head of the Met.

    Reporting in almost all media sources was one sided, bar the New Statesman and some Guardian articles

    2) Yes, look back to the Poll Tax Riots, Suffragettes etc.


    If you do go on a protest:

    1. Dress warmly
    2. Don't bring weapons
    3. Bring food and water
    4. Cover your face
    5. Don't be intimidated by police. Don't be rude to them, but don't let them bully you.
    6. Read up on your legal rights should you be detained and do not admit to anything, just say you need to speak to a lawyer first and can't answer any questions.
    7. Bring a helmet and protective clothing in case police turn violent
    8. Bring tissues
    9. Carry a few swabs/gauze/bandages in case of injury
    10. Avoid violence
    11. If a police officer behaves badly, take photos/videos, note down the number on the shoulder patches
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    They can if the majority of the population support it and are really willing to fight and protest for it. However this is not the case
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