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X Factor voting results revealed Watch

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    The week-by-week voting results of ‘The X Factor’ have been revealed – and there are some big surprises.

    While Matt Cardle was rightly the favourite as he led the voting every week except the first live round (which was won by Mary Byrne), Simon’s boyband One Direction were never in the top two at all.

    Mary could feel aggrieved after the votes prove that she would have been in the final if, like last year, the finalists were decided by the public votes alone. In the semi-final she won 14.99% of the vote to Cher’s 11.57%. The rules were changed so she had to go into the sing-off and the judges decided not to keep her in.

    Two of the least popular contestants won more votes than expected - Wagner grew in popularity through the series and narrowly missed out on a spot in the semi-finals. And Katie Waissel even finished second in the week before she was voted out.

    Here are the results in full.

    Week 1
    Matt Cardle 15.14%
    Rebecca Ferguson 6.51%
    One Direction 10.04%
    Cher Lloyd 10.31%
    Mary Byrne 22.28%
    Wagner 1.91%
    Katie Waissel 1.55%
    Paije Richardson 5.83%
    Aiden Grimshaw 9.78%
    Treyc Cohen 4.82%
    Belle Amie 2.13%
    John Adeleye 2.46%
    Diva Fever 2.28%
    F.Y.D 1.71%
    Nicolo Festa 1.36%

    Matt Cardle 24.39%
    Rebecca Ferguson 7.99%
    One Direction 10.04%
    Cher Lloyd 10.31%
    Mary Byrne 18.55%
    Wagner 2.47%
    Katie Waissel 4.30%
    Paije Richardson 3.80%
    Aiden Grimshaw 9.78%
    Treyc Cohen 2.82%
    Belle Amie 1.86%
    John Adeleye 4.50%
    Storm Lee 1.44%
    Diva Fever 2.05%

    Week 3
    Matt Cardle 23.97%
    Rebecca Ferguson 8.46%
    One Direction 9.84%
    Cher Lloyd 7.17%
    Mary Byrne 13.92%
    Wagner 4.50%
    Katie Waissel 5.95%
    Paije Richardson 6.10%
    Aiden Grimshaw 8.82%
    Treyc Cohen 2.39%
    Belle Amie 4.15%
    John Adeleye 3.78%

    Week 4
    Matt Cardle 20.60%
    Rebecca Ferguson 9.79%
    One Direction 11.08%
    Cher Lloyd 19.72%
    Mary Byrne 11.98%
    Wagner 4.77%
    Katie Waissel 2.73%
    Paije Richardson 6.22%
    Aiden Grimshaw 6.58%
    Treyc Cohen 3.14%
    Belle Amie 2.56%

    Week 5
    Matt Cardle 33.41%
    Rebecca Ferguson 12.80%
    One Direction 11.79%
    Cher Lloyd 7.64%
    Mary Byrne 12.02%
    Wagner 4.21%
    Katie Waissel 3.22%
    Paije Richardson 5.19%
    Aiden Grimshaw 5.85%
    Treyc Cohen 3.53%

    Week 6
    Matt Cardle 23.16%
    Rebecca Ferguson 18.24%
    One Direction 12.13%
    Cher Lloyd 8.88%
    Mary Byrne 10.66%
    Wagner 6.30%
    Katie Waissel 5.29%
    Paije Richardson 8.02%
    Aiden Grimshaw 5.01%

    Week 7
    Matt Cardle 18.44%
    Rebecca Ferguson 12.85%
    One Direction 14.44%
    Cher Lloyd 8.00%
    Mary Byrne 11.97%
    Wagner 9.90%
    Katie Waissel 16.82%
    Paije Richardson 9.37%

    Week 8
    Matt Cardle 31.95%
    Rebecca Ferguson 13.98%
    One Direction 12.65%
    Cher Lloyd 13.19%
    Mary Byrne 11.29%
    Wagner 10.48%
    Katie Waissel 7.21 %

    Week 9
    Matt Cardle 35.84%
    Rebecca Ferguson 20.22%
    One Direction 17.38%
    Cher Lloyd 11.57%
    Mary Byrne 14.99%

    Final First Vote Freeze
    Matt Cardle 39.92%
    Rebecca Ferguson 25.71%
    One Direction 18.54%
    Cher Lloyd 15.83%

    Final Second Vote Freeze
    Matt Cardle 39.83%
    Rebecca Ferguson 32.80%
    One Direction 20.72%
    Cher Lloyd 6.65%

    Final Result
    Matt Cardle 44.61%
    Rebecca Ferguson 38.63%
    Already eliminated:
    One Direction 12.69%
    Cher Lloyd 4.07%

    So had the decision been down to the votes not the judges, Cher would have gone instead of Mary Byrne.
    :facepalm: What a calamity!

    So that fag love song singin guy won then?

    OH my word!

    Why would they publish that they favoured Katie & Cher (Paige, Mary) when they were the most unpopular in the weeks they were saved?
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