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    Despite my disapproval with the proposed scheme, let's try and look at the few positives.

    1). Universities now less of a business, rather than trying to get as many kids on board (e.g. watch the ads at the top banner for a while) now much more of an emphasis put on education, not just the money the government throws at uni's each year.
    1,1). Students now more valued, they bring much more of the money in themselves, paying people's wages. Hopefully less likely to be treated like sh%!

    2). Degree could be held in more esteem. Not just '' it's the same as A-levels 25 years ago''

    3). Less courses that provide barely any employability that anyone can apply into (there are plenty)

    4). These mediocre courses now not funded, only by those that sign-up, less sign-ups, course closed, more attention given to more specialised courses that benefit society.

    5). The controversial one. Uni now not so much a ''rite of passage'' but something for people who have worked hard, are dedicated to and don't mind the debts.

    In the current system, the idiots you hated the whole way through high school can now get onto a degree course while you worked your ass off giving up part of your social life at the same time. You now have to look at them for a few more years, and at the rate of employability, go on the dole with them too. ''What did I just spend 14 years with your nose in a book for? I could of had fun.''

    6). University is not a 3 year piss-up/cheap dole. You want to go to uni? 9k a year is a lot of debt to take on just to get pissed up and blag essays for your 40%. Classes now have competent people in them.

    7). Poorer students can still afford to go, you don't pay upfront, there are still grants, possibly more. The only reason they should complain is if they were either either A). Not planning on getting a job at all afterwards B). Are going to waste their time and money and do a degree just because it was easy to get into and they have barely any passion for it at all.

    That's what I get out of it, despite the horrendous return the government will see on the loans to come, as well as the huge amounts of debt normally associated with a house! There are some pro's.

    And yes, I am very aware that most of the neg coming my way is going to be given by those who just see university as a piss-up and are not gaining a degree that is ever going to benefit them in an application process. :rolleyes:

    1. Universities will still be run on business ethics. Students will continue to be quite powerless.

    2. Completely disagree. Back when degrees were FREE, they were held in high esteem. I believe increasing the fees will not see a huge reduction in student numbers, which is what has helped contribute to the decline of the prestige of degrees.

    3/4. In the longer term this could have an impact, as university departments will be more strongly subjected to market principles.

    5/6. Again, you neglect the fact that degrees were seen as 'harder' to attain under the old system, yet back then it was FREE. Nowadays we have more universities, and a culture that encourages vast amounts of people to obtain degrees. Students will continue to get generous loans and grants. I don't see why people with terrible school grades won't stop collecting their loans and enrolling on any old random uni/course.

    7.Ultimately, it will deter more people because you still have to pay MORE. But yes, it isn't a disastrous increase and I'm sure many people, rich and poor, will be prepared to handle the burden of the post-2012 debt levels.
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Updated: December 13, 2010
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