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    I have undoubtedly been suffering from OCD for 5 years and have managed to keep it near enough secret, it's been the most horrible experience of my life (I'm 17 now)..
    However, for a couple of years now I've been experiencing months of what I can only describe as depression briefly interrupted by a few days of insane happiness.
    Now is the time I got help...its taken a suprisingly long time admitting that I need help to myself after years of telling myself I could handle it.
    I dont want to be a victim of mental disorders all of my life and I want to take control, be the happy person I used to be.

    So my question is, how do I go about making the appointment at the docs? I know I have to phone up, but what do I say? And when I'm in the appointment, do you think I'll be fobbed off? cos this whole thing is really scaring me.

    One of the reasons I've kept it quiet is because I'm scared people will think I'm attention-seeking though it's not as if I've got a past history to suggest this. I'm genuinly not- I just want help and to get on with life, no fuss.

    I've tried telling my parents about the depression thing (not the OCD thing even though you would have thought they'd have guessed considering it was physically obvious) and they were lovely but just thought it was a phase.

    I'd rather have an official diagnosis and then tell them.

    Anyone with experiences in this kinda thing? How did it go, finally admitting to the people around you, to the docs, that everything was not ok?


    Doctors is definately a good idea. When you ring up, just ask for an appointment with a doctor. The receptionist people may ask what it's concerning, but just say it's personal, as you are not obligated to tell them.
    As for when you are in the appointment, you will be taken seriously. They are trained and at the end of the day are there to help you. It will be terrifying, that goes without saying but I am sure they will reassure you
    As for coming clean to people... you only have to tell the people you want to. It's good that your parents are already vaguely aware, as they will be really supportive now

    For me, going to the doctors for the first time was the most terrifying thing I have ever done, as I really didnt know what to expect. But they were lovely there, and have been really supportive ever since. As for telling those around me, only my best friend knew about the doctors in the beginning. As I began to feel myself again I began to tell other people close to me, who were all lovely and pretty much admitted they thought something was up but didnt want to ask :P

    Anyway, I hope everything turns out okay for you xx

    I was officially diagnosed with OCD a few years ago, but from my rituals my mother had already diagnosed me through her own research. At the first doctor appointment we were basically sent away with no help or support offered whatsoever, it took my mother breaking down in tears at a second appointment before I was referred to the mental health team. As recently as this year I've had to battle to get any help for my OCD.

    I'm not saying this to scare you, but be aware that you may have to fight for the help you're entitled to.

    My family just accept my OCD as a part of me, even if it sometimes frustrates them, I'm sure as you say they are already aware of the physical compulsions you are carrying out.

    Hth and good luck with your journey x

    If you're worried about going to see a doctor, maybe it might help you to make an appointment with a counsellor in your area first? Counsellors are of course known for being understanding and non judgemental, so would certainly not 'fob you off' or think you were attention seeking. They would probably also be able to help you to make the relevant steps in order to get professional help.

    If you still wanted to see a doctor first, however, you shouldn't worry about what to say when you make an appointment. The receptionists shouldn't expect you to tell them what the problem is - after all, conditions are confidential and many people will have many private issues that they wouldn't want to tell the receptionist upon making an appointment.

    Perhaps you could look on the website of your local surgery and see if they list the name of a psychologist or a mental health specialist at your surgery - when you ring up, you could ask for an appointment with them, and then you wouldn't have to say why, as they'd have some idea anyway. Also, in that respect, you'd feel happier that you'd be seeing someone who has knowledge of depression and OCD, and you'd know they'd be able to help.

    I had similar thoughts when going to the doctors for the first time about my eating disorder - I thought they'd think I wasn't really suffering from something, and thought they'd think badly of me and/or just shove me on a pointless waiting list. However, when I went, they were incredibly understanding and took me very seriously - and things actually happened relatively quickly and soon got the treatment I needed.

    I definitely think you ought to try to bring yourself to make the appointment. Remember, the doctors see such cases all the time and would certainly not judge you or not take you seriously - and getting help now will benefit you so much in the long run...you don't deserve to be feeling so bad and the sooner you try to help yourself, the sooner you can get your life back. I'm not suggesting it'll be easy - but it'll just be easiER.

    And in terms of telling your family - I can understand you wanting an official diagnosis before telling them, especially if they thought you were just going through a phase - but I am sure that they can see that you're not your 'old self' - I can imagine that they themselves are making out as if you're going through a phase as they are perhaps in denial themselves about you being depressed. Whilst depression-like feelings can be common in many people, these feelings are usually very short-lived...it seems to me as though you recognise that your feelings are more chronic than this, and the simple fact that you feel you could benefit from professional help suggests it's perhaps not just a phase. And you acknowledging this is a good thing.

    So yes, I understand that you feel it would help your family take you seriously if you had an official diagnosis...like having something concrete so that you're not worried that they won't believe you or take you seriously. But honestly, having them supporting you will help you so much. Mental health issues aren't problems that can easily be overcome alone, without loved ones helping. Ultimately, I'm sure your family will be pleased that you confided in them - I know it hurt my family to know that I was suffering alone for months before they found out about my eating disorder...and having them alongside me has been so helpful. Whether you try to tell them again how you feel, or wait until you've seen a doctor is up to you - only you know how your family might react and how you'd want them to react...but whatever you do, please tell them sooner or later - their support is invaluable.

    Best of luck, OP, take care and remember that you don't deserve to be feeling this way. It will get better. x
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