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I'm not sure what is wrong with me *Advice Please* Watch

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    Over the last 12 months I have developed some peculiar feelings, moods and attitudes that have manifested in a way that although I'm conscious of them leaves me feeling confused and sometimes concerned by them.

    1. I am unable to maintain relationships with friends. I get Twitter, Facebook or even just phone numbers but for reasons I can't quite understand within a day or two I delete them and want nothing to do with them only to a day or two later (sometimes an hour later) regret doing it. I know It's a daft thing to do, but I can't seem to help myself.

    2. I'm constantly changing my mind on almost every aspect of my life. How I dress, My religion, politics any and all of it. I seem to at a rate of hours, days and weeks just change my mind drastically. It's very odd behavior, I'm aware of this, but at the time it seems reasonable and definitive.

    3. I've become very self conscious, something I never really used to be. I worry about what I say and what i've said. How I look and am never happy about any of it, if anything it leaves me miserable.

    4. I'm moody, I seem to constantly be in arguments with people, and they accuse me of saying harsh things but i see these things as normal and reasonable. But I care about these people and trust them so i'm suspicious of my own self awareness.

    Over the last 12 months I've finished my BA, had to move back home while I got on my feet, and then my parents broke up because of my dad's alcohol problem, and he kicked us all out of the house, I got a job at a primary school (A job I love but because of how my head is I struggle to enjoy as much as i used to) and I have began to try to socialize a bit more.
    Anyone have any ideas about a way forward for me? Im kind of confused by it all.

    Thank You.

    Your confused, in need of a purpose in life. your not comfortable with your identity, you probably haven't found yourself. your journey has begun.

    p.s. its a serious response, kept it brief

    It's possible that you are just stressed and these are how the symptoms are manifesting themselves. However, if you particulary worried about the behaviour you are exhibiting then see a GP and describe everything to them. If they think there is a genuine problem then they will refer you to a specialist ect.

    You won't get a firm, professional answer on here so you're best bet is a GP.
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Updated: December 13, 2010
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