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well, since i have seen some people creating leagues and that, and someone is a keeper of birthdays, i figured it was time for me to become the <keeper of languages (and random facts)>.

in the language section, where the pronounciation is hard, in my opinion, i have included and approximation of how it should be pronounced in <>.

if you see any mistakes, tell me.

Hallo (Afrikaans)
Aang (Aleut-Aleut)
Al salaam a'alaykum (Arabic-a'Arabi)
Ei Je (Bengali-Bangla Bhasa)
Zdravo (Bosnian-Bosanski)
Zdravei/Zdrastsi (Bulgarian-Balgarski)
Oh-see-YOH (Cherokee-Tsalagi)
Ni hao (Chinese-Mandarin)
Bok (Croatian-Hrvatski)
Nazdar (Czech-Cestina)
Päivää <PIE-vah> (Finnish-Suomi)
Bonjour (French-Français)
Guten Tag (German-Deutsch)
Kalimera (Greek-Ellinika)
hello (Gujarati-gujarati)
Aloha (Hawaiian-Hawai'i)
Shalom (Hebrew-Ivrit)
Nah-mah-STAY (Hindi)
Szia <ZEE-yah> (Hungarian-Magyar)
Selamat pagi (Indonesian-Bahasa Indonesia)
Buon giorno (Italian-Italiano)
Konichiwa (Japanese-Nihongo)
An-YOH HASHim-ni-kah (Korean-Han-gul)
Ba'ax ka wa'alik <BAH-ah shko-WAH ah-LEEK> (Mayan-Mayan)
Sekoh (Mohawk-Kanien'keha)
Bom dia (Portuguese-Portuguese)
Bozho (Potawatomi-Potawatomi)
Buna ziua (Romanian)
Zdravstvuite <ZzDRAST-vet-yah> (Russian-'po-Russkii')
Hola (Spanish-Español)
Jambo (Swahili-Kiswahili)
God Dag (Swedish-Svenska)
Magandang tanghali po (Tagalog-Pilipino)
sa-wa DEE Krab/kah (Thai)
Merhaba (Turkish-Turkce)
Bore da <BOH-ray DAH> (Welsh-Cymraeg)

more languages coming soon, and more words.

not copyrighted by me, rights don't belong to me, so if you see any copyright infringement don't sue me.
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What about the contributions by Pawel? On polish?
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