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Underweight, had enough Watch

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    I'm 20, female and weigh 6 stone 2, and my height is 5 ft 3.

    I'm fed up of being underweight I look like a skeleton but I eat loads, healthily, but big portions. I guess it's what you would call a high metabolism, but surely, there's some miracle food (apart from pure junk) which can make me gain weight? Really, is my only resort going on the pill to see if that makes me gain weight?

    Even with a BMI of 15.2, I still have regular periods every 29 days. So in that respect my body still... works.

    I am so jealous of naturally curvy people who hardly eat anything, one meal a day if that, and still retain their figure. If I don't eat I feel ill! I constantly have to eat, but I seem to constantly burn it off, and I don't even exercise!

    The only time I have ever weighed more (I reached about 7 stone 2 at one point) was when I was in my first year of uni and I drank more alcohol and fizzy drinks... but I'm really not keen on this being my method of gaining weight... it's not exactly healthy.

    Gaining weight so it actually physically shows, advice please!!!

    I'm not necessarily advising you to start religiously counting calories, sugars and sat fat, but it is possible that despite your eating large healthy portions, you may still be undereating in many or some areas - perhaps having a general awareness of your daily amounts may help? (for example are you getting 20g sat fat per day, 90g of carbs-that-sugar, and 40g protein, as well as at least 2000kcals?).

    I'm not a nutritionist, but as I'm in recovery from anorexia, I'm pretty clued up on nutrition and both losing and gaining weight - so if you wanted, I'd be happy to help...if you wanted to PM me or whatever with an example day or week of your diet, and I could see if there's anything that might benefit you to be changed? Though, equally, if you'd rather not, that's fine

    In addition to having a look at your diet more, do you do much exercise? I know a friend of mine avoided exercise as she wanted to gain weight, but actually muscle will help you gain weight (as it weighs more than fat) and will certainly help you to look more toned instead of thin. But, of course, you'd need to make sure that you increase your calorie intake to correspond with this.

    Also, this is highly unlikely, but just thought I'd mention it...a low weight despite eating normally could be due to problems with the thyroid gland, I think. I know when I first visited the doctors due to my low weight (before they asked me more questions etc and diagnosed an eating disorder) they tested me for thyroid problems.

    Ultimately, as you say, seems as though you're relatively healthy from the point of view that you are still getting regular periods...though as you seem uncomfortable with being underweight, you'd probably benefit from getting in touch with a dietician.

    Hope this helps, x

    ps - it may be that you end up gaining weight naturally fairly soon - the friend I mentioned has recently begun to gain more weight and is much happier now (between ages 18 and 19).

    mcdonalds. every meal. for a month.

    (Original post by metalthrashin'mad)
    mcdonalds. every meal. for a month.
    a) think the idea is to gain weight healthily!
    and b) once the OP stops having McDonald's 'everyday for a month' she'll just lose the weight again!
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Updated: December 16, 2010
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