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Applicants, talk about your choices! :) Watch

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    I'm very bored so I thought I'd start a thread. :rolleyes:
    Make a list about the things you like and dislike about your uni choices! Might help narrow them down?

    I'll start!

    Course: English Lit with Creative Writing
    Universities applied to: Kent (offer), UEA, Hull (offer), Lancaster (offer) and Royal Holloway.

    I like the campus
    I LOVE my course
    I like the European links
    I like that it's easy to get to Paris...
    I like the fact they have a musical theatre society! :awesome:
    I like Canterbury
    I like the fact I've already seen a few decent guys!
    I like the fact it just seems like fun!
    Bunny Wabbits!

    I don't like the fact some people might see it as a bit of a doss uni?
    I don't like the disorganisation
    Canterbury could get boring.


    I like the campus (despite the concrete)
    Great atmosphere
    Great reputation for my course.
    The Writers Centre is based in Norwich and has loads of established writers giving talks and doing readings.
    I like the fact there is an annual literary festival
    Great acts perform in the student union
    I like Norwich from what I've seen of it
    I like that quite a few students don't know of it but adults do and think it's good.
    I just love it!

    I dislike the inevitable prospect of a rejection...


    Haven't visited but...

    Phillip Larkin worked there! That's pretty cool!
    Um...the admissions tutor is nice! I emailed her and she was lovely and helpful.

    I've *heard* the town isn't great?


    Major/minor system- I'll get to do a minor in ANYTHING and if it turns out I hate Creative Writing (not likely!), I can change it to something else!
    Pretty decent in the league tables (this year at least! :teehee:)
    Collegiate system- I expect there'll be a nice community feel
    Close to the Lake District- I like beautiful things! :love:
    Have given me the most information so far... their disability booklet actually acknowledges mental illnesses which is surprising to say the least...:eek:
    Nice English department- the offer letter was so lovely it made me smile, even though it was a standard acceptance letter not tailored to me!

    Doesn't seem very multicultural... I don't want to be one of a few black people there. But then I don't think I'd mind that much if I was so... :indiff:
    Far away from London. But then it's close to Manchester so I can see the family I have there and get my hair done...
    Can't think of much else I dislike!

    Royal Holloway

    Not far from London
    Campus bubble because it's ages away from anywhere
    Good reputation
    You get a degree that has 'University of London' at the end of the title
    Pretty Founder's building looks like Hogwarts
    Close to Windsor castle
    My course looks great
    It has 'Royal' in the title, which makes me feel clever-like...

    Apparently the library isn't amazing
    Campus bubble because it's ages away from anywhere
    Accommodation is expensive
    Department takes forever to reply... :rolleyes:

    That's my long list over! I want to see yours...

    Course details in my sig.

    Queen Mary
    Access to the London library,
    Good for English.
    Near central London.
    Campus Uni.
    High Satisfaction Rate.
    Good Job prospects.

    Mile End isn't the best area.
    Quite far from home.

    Best course out of my choices.
    Campus University.
    Not that far from home.
    Very high satisfaction rate.
    Amazing library.
    A sausage fest apparantly.
    Very helpful at the open day, and when I emailed them.
    Highly regarded student Union

    Small town.
    Accommodation is the most expensive I've seen.
    Is primarily a sports and science uni.
    Lack of jobs

    Good for my course
    Campus University.
    Access to London library.

    Area isn't the best.
    Not that well known.
    Very small.
    Very very high female: male ratio.
    Low satisfaction rate.

    Nottingham Trent
    City life
    High satisfaction rate.
    Good course.
    Good employment rate.
    Gave me loads of free stuff on the open day.
    Student union looks amazing.

    Not a campus university.
    It's reputation lies in more vocational courses.
    Half of my college applied there.

    I actually have no idea where to firm, but the list has helped me a lot!
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