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i dont know what to do anymore, help! watch

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    about a year ago, my boyfriend and i had some trouble with a girl he used to be best mates with, when she told him to breakup with me, in front of me, and i took it very much to heart. things got very out of hand and i ended up being bullied, i was depressed and i felt worthless, and my boyfriend stood by me through it all, however at one point after i said i didnt want them in our lives anymore he admitted that he loved the other girl, but justified it as 'not as much as i love you'. it destroyed me but i stayed with him because i needed his support, and despite what he'd said, i still loved him. time passed and we kept our distances from the people that gave us grief, but now he says he wants to be best friends with her again. im scared because of whats happened, and my friend (who is also friends with her) has told me that she has pictures of him on her bedroom wall. Im terrified because she is immensly beautiful, and im confused because why would my boyfriend, the one who swore he hated her for what she did, suddenly want to be best friends with her again.

    this may seem pathetic, but thats just the short story, we've been through a lot of hell thanks to that.

    what do i do? i dont want to tell him he cant see her but it kills me to see them so close.

    BumperBo would just let them be friends
    then again BumperBo is so confident he no longer experiences jealousy, so it's your call if you can handle it
    keep in mind your man will really resent you if you start to tell him who he can/can't be friends with

    Let them be friends otherwise considering your situation, theres a high possibility that he will leave you.

    You say that you're staying with him because you need his support, but think about this: would you not feel happier out of this relationship? If the situation is making you feel this bad, would it not be better to rise above it, walk away and find other people who will value you?
    Another thing: it's fine to feel minor attraction towards other people when in a relationship, but love is a different matter. You deserve someone who loves you and you only.
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