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If you truly loved doing something, would it be worth it risking almost everything? Watch

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    If too long for you. Just skip the grey.

    Ever since I was 3 (since I can remember) I've always been very artistic
    remember these:

    lol well that's pretty much all I can remember from my childhood

    I used to be in my school choir and sing in the end of year performances. Yet when I came home to my biomedical engineer mother and all business father all I got was a well done. They let me do all the singing I liked but the truth is they just didn't care much bout it and never complimented me on my singing while growing up.

    Up until I was 14 my daily routine consisted on going to school, coming home and singing and writing til it was dinner time, have dinner, keep singing til it was too late for it to be bearable.

    Then we moved to a new country where artistic freedom wasn't really the norm. Music lessons were literally all history. There was no choir, no end of year concerts.
    Add that up to my uninvolved parents and it all led me to hide my music.I was 14, you kno, I felt like I was too old to keep playing at this. It still didn't stop me tho.

    I built a façade: I kept telling myself that it was just a hobby and that I loved maths and languages, when really maths and langs are just something I like cos I'm good at it.

    At 18 I moved to England and for some reason when around my friends I always pretend I can't sing. I pretend I'm tone deaf.
    I moved in with my boyfriend and thought I was doing a good job at hiding it from him as well until one chirstmas he gave me a keyboard, equalizer and mic to start building my own home studio. I went all red...tried to brush it off as "cool" when the truth was that I was jumping off the walls in my head wondering when everyone was goin to leave so that I could start working on my music. I still don't think he knows how important it is to me. And I don't know how he thought I would like it. Probly used my computer and saw the million covers I had done in my past 5 years of closeted musician.

    Now that I was given the chance to produce my own music and songs and lyrics, I just can't express in words how much I love it. And all of a sudden goin to uni to study maths and langs sounds so boring. But if my rational thinkin parents ever taught me something it's that you should always think ahead and minimize risks.

    So I'm still goin to go to uni. But I need to let my parents know that It won't be all I'll be doing.
    What if I decide later on that I think I may have a chance and drop uni?
    What if I can't handle both studying and making music which I love?
    Should I just leave it as a hobby? Eventho I hate hiding how much I love it?
    Is it worth it?

    anyone been thru thesame maybe not with music but with soemething else?
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    Why do you need to let your parents know about something that will start off (at the very least) as a hobby at uni? Or are you thinking of changing to a Vocal Studies/Popular Music degree or something? Are you gonna be living at home whilst at uni? Even if you are, they can't monitor your every single move whilst at uni. If you make friends with some musicians and set up a band, or join choirs in your spare time or something, they can't exactly stop you and there's little reason for them to know if you really feel this is something you need to hide.

    I think you need to take a step back and be realistic before you drive yourself nuts with all these "what ifs?". Before you consider dropping out of your degree and switching potential careers, you need to establish whether you're good enough to do so. Unfortunately the music business is one where enthusiasm is important but will only get you so far: you need talent and lots of it. How good a singer are you? Good enough to branch out into a career? Good enough to get signed? Good enough to make enough money to live on? Do you have contacts who would be able to help you? Friends who you could set up a band with?

    And do you really need to keep it a secret from your parents? If they're very strict and you'll still be living with them and you plan on a singing career, I can see how it might become a problem. If it's just a hobby though, does it matter whether they approve or not? :dontknow:

    Your cracker problems ain't sh*t

    I had a similar kind of thing (not with music though). I deferred my place after I had applied, took a gap year before university to spend the year doing what I wanted, and I'm so glad that I did. It gave me a different perspective on it, and made me realise that whilst university was the right choice for me, I have kept up my sport, despite the fact it means I have to make other sacrifices, because my year out made me realise that this is something I want to do...

    Maybe see if you could defer, and get a part time job to earn some cash whilst concentrating on your music? If you do that you need to make sure it's worthwhile though.

    If not, then quite frankly you will find the time. If you want something enough, you can always find a way to do it - that is something that the last year and a half at uni has taught me.

    Only you know that.
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