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Still not over a guy after him saying he doesn't want a relationship now Watch

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    Hey everyone!

    Can anyone please give me perspective on this or some bit of advice!

    Basically Ill tell the full story...I was talking to this guy (a lot) on facebook for around 5 months (from February to june), friend of friends and also a friend of my brother...I always liked him but he was in a relationship with a girl at the time...anyway after the 5 months his girlfriend broke up with him after their one yr relationship and a few days later he started coming on to me, we then started seeing each other exclusively during the summer. He texted me everyday, chatted on facebook for hours and saw each other every week. We would spend hours together!

    I knew he liked me a lot and we had a conversation one night where he told me he really liked me (even when we were talking on facebook) and that I wasn’t a rebound. We were about to head to different colleges too so a week later he brought up the word ‘relationship’...he said that he wasn’t sure how things would work while at different colleges and that he would love to see me everyday...we said we wouldn’t think about that and just let things happen as they happen. He even told my brother that he thought very highly of me and that he liked me a lot!

    Anyway he started college and we texted all of that week. We were together the following weekend, he was being so nice to me, we had such a great night hanging around, being together and talking, I thought things were going really well. It was an amazing night just being with him! Anyway he went back to college and things were okay at the beginning of the week, but then he started becoming very dismissive in his messages. We met up that weekend and he ended things with me. It was a shock to me because I wasn’t expecting it at all! He was in a two year relationship with another girl then went into that one year relationship, and he basically told me that he liked me enough to go into a relationship with me but at the time it wasn’t what he wanted. He said he was in two heavy relationships before hand. He basically said it was nothing against me and that it was just him. But I knew he still liked me a lot but to this day I still don’t know what changed. But because we were never in a relationship with each other we ended things on such a high and very intimately too.

    Ive tried moving on from him, met different guys while at college, but Im still not over him even after these months. I haven’t seen him since the night he ended things. I still really like him a lot and because we were never in a relationship I sometimes think things could still happen. I know hes still single too, and Ill be seeing him over Christmas.

    I seriously don’t know whats wrong with me, why do I still feel this way about him? I don’t feel negatively about it anymore and Ive accepted that that is what he wanted at the time, but what if he feels differently now? I don’t know what to do with myself, and Im annoyed with myself that I still feel this way about him and that I miss him. What am I suppose to do about this? Im still confused!

    Really sorry if this post is a bit long and wishy washy and Im aware its not a major issue but I really need some word of wisdom and some perspective! Thank you for any replies!
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    Anyone??? Im annoyed that I still feel like this but why cant I move on? Any comments at all I will greatly appreciate it!

    It's because you are doing the whole what if scenario over and over in your head and you probably can't help it. It's so much easier to say this but you really need to just stop doing that and trust that if things have to happen, they will find a way to happen. In this scenario, I do think you have to let him come to you and even then be sure you won't just be left stranded as and when it is convenient to him.

    Basically you have to set your mind set to, it's good if it happens but even if it doesn't, I'm okay and have other things to focus upon. Things have a habit of happening when you least expect them anyway and you might find that when and if they do happen, they weren't what you thought them to be. Obviously, it might all be great too but until it happens, try not to think about it otherwise it'll be hard to move on from the possible scenarios. Good luck.
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