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David Beckham appraisal - good read! Watch

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    Does anyone disagree with this?

    I know where its coming from but I think its exaggerated.

    I've always been a Beckham fan and I think most people whether for or against Beckham would agree that he has been a fine player, but not in the calibre of Messi or Ronaldo. He is more on par with Frank Lampard.

    However for most of his career he has been the most famous footballer in the world. So haters get on his case, pointing out that he doesn't have the skill of Messi or Ronaldo (or before them, Ronaldino, Rivaldo, fat Ronaldo, Del Piero). Beckham's fame has outridden his ability because he's good looking, good at attracting publicity, but also unlike a lot of footballers he's managed to keep his nose out of trouble he doesn't have fights, get found drunk or so on.

    He's been a good enough player to have been reasonably successful at Man United, Real Madrid and AC Milan, and if he was just there for 'image rights' he wouldn't have been in the team....managers like him because he's a hard trainer, good example for others, and a good team man who is popular with other players, as well as being a good enough player to get in these teams, in the same way that Owen Hargreaves, Claude Makelele etc are good enough players to get in top teams, without being the best players at top teams.

    If Paul Gascoigne had had David Beckham's personality then he would not only have been the most famous footballer in the world in the 1990s but probably the best player in the world in the 1990s and maybe Englands best ever. Gazza had more ability than Beckham did.

    But I don't like the Beckham hate, the "hype" about him isn't people saying he is the best player in the world its just his general popularity within the game....Beckham has never shot his mouth off claiming to be a great player or talking himself up, he has just done his best at every club or every team he's been with. He is a brand not just a footballer, one thing I picked up when I was travelling abroad is that foreigners tend to love Beckham because he plays the role in their heads that they have of their fantasy Englishman, in the same way people think of Latin American girls as being sexual beasts in the bedroom or Colombians being drug pushers etc, foreigners want to think of their fantasy Englishman as being this well groomed polite, inoffensive, modest well dressed gentleman, Beckham fulfils their fantasies so they like him and buy his shirts. Having said this I was watching some videos the other day of Denis Bergkamp at Arsenal.....Bergkamp was very Beckham-esque in terms of his agreeable personality and popularity with managers for his work ethic....imagine if he'd been English and had a pop star girlfriend, I have no doubt he'd have been the most famous player of his generation as he was a cut above Becks for ability.

    There's another simple reason why he is always talked up in the media, because journalists like him, he does interviews for them, he's friendly to media, he knows how to keep them onside, its the same reason why Terry Venables despite his shady dealings off the field, has escaped major censure from the press, Terry is mates with them all and takes them out to the pub and buys them dinner, and feeds them inside scoops.

    So all round I think we should cut Becks some slack, he's a good bloke and has always done his best, people give him a hard time about not being the best player in the world but its like when people have a go at Tim Henman, Henman was never going to beat Federer or Sampras just like Beckham was never going to be in the same league as Messi or Ronaldo. But he was a good enough player to achieve a lot in the game and he's a good guy.

    I agree with medicine.

    Also he's the type of footballer parents should want there kids to idolize. Who would you want your child to copy off.. Beckham or Rooney?
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Updated: December 20, 2010
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