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    Hey all
    i'm worried about my fourth A level (i've received offers of ABB and AAB and even one for BBB) and they all say for the three specific subjects (bio chem and maths) but i'm also doing history at a level. I very cleverly decided to bring it to A2 and entered it on UCAS.

    if i ended up getting say a C (or possibly a D... gasp) for History but met my offer of say ABB, would it affect me getting into the uni?

    I just want to make absolutely sure. I got an A for AS History but I'm finding the workload for four A2 subjects incredibly HARD and i'm pretty sure i'll get a C or similar in history.

    ORRR omg is there an option for me to tell the unis that im now dropping History to AS?

    I'd love to hear stories by people who met their offers but messed up their fourth a level or dropped an A2 halfway - i swear i'd feel way more relaxed ;D


    If you've put down that you're taking it to A-level on your UCAS, you should email the universities you're applying to to say that you're dropping it.
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    you should email them and tell them youre dropping it.....to be honest if the subject isnt included in your offers then I really doubt they will care at all. If they ask for AAB, even if you get AABE, you will still have met the conditions of your offer.

    Technically, because you're changing the terms under which they gave you an offer they can revoke it but if it isn't listed as being part of your offer then this is unlikely. However, you MUST tell them that you're dropping the subject as otherwise you can end up in trouble later down the line if they find out you're only doing 3 A levels when they've given you an AAB offer assuming you're doing 4 subjects. This is more of a technicality than anything else, but you need to check with the universities that its okay before you drop it then confirm it with them if this is what you decide to do.

    If the 4th subject doesn't appear at all in your offers then as long as you get the 3 subjects okay you're fine with your offers. The only time you would then fail to meet the offer is if it said "AAB plus a pass in a 4th subject at A2" as this is their way of ensuring you do keep them all on to the summer as they don't care what you get in it, they just want you to keep it on. But in this case it doesn't apply so you can drop the subject if you wish.

    I'm also doing a forth subject for A level, in the hope that I'll at least get a C in either Media, or Biology. As already been said, if you're dropping it, I presume you need to tell them that you are. But before you drop history - make sure to do those exams first. You might do better than you expected. I don't thik it would affect your applications, if they didn't say specifically what A levels needed to have certain grades in. Best of luck.

    Yep I did exactly this.

    What made me angry was that I didn't even want to take four a levels nor five as levels and as I got an A in the A2 year of the subject I got a B in I would've easily got A*A*Ab if I hadn't had to spread myself thinly.

    It didn't affect me getting my unconditional in August though.

    edit: just contact the admissions tutor - they'll be able to clarify and then you'll have it in writing.
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