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Help! I'm studying alone and planning to take the full A level in June next year but to satisfy the requirements of the spec, I have to have some sort of theme across my Unit choices, including my history enquiry (I'll think about this in a few weeks).

The unit that drew me most was in Unit 2, and that was option S - Liberal Democracies: Power to the People? so I plan to use that on which to base the rest of my unit choices. I was thinking of going in the polar opposite direction for unit 1 and choosing Totalitarian Ideology in Theory & Practice, c1848-1941. The question is, can I justify this as a choice to link with the Liberal Democracies option? The time frames run concurrently, but to some extent I'm not convinced that AQA would buy this. The further restriction is that I'd be required to choose a British history topic for unit 3 and to link the theme I guess I'd have to go for a topic that questions reform and social freedom/oppression, etc. The options I think that fit are G) British State and People, 1865-1915 and J) The State and People: Britain 1918-1964.

Is there anything to suggest these choices won't work because of too much overlap in terms of chronology? I'm also a bit anxious that I might have chosen almost too narrow a chronology and set of themes for my coursework, though I guess potentially I could study communism in the Eastern Bloc through to the final revolutions of the early 90s or something. Would this work? I'm pretty keen to go full steam ahead with everything but need to know it's practicable!

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