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It's all about a love at first sight romance on a ship destined to sink. A woman who boards the ship has been forced into an engagement to a man she doesn't love by her wealthy parents, she is about to commit suicide by leaping from the ship when a poor male stranger who won a ticket from a card game comes over and persuades her not to.

The woman and the stranger develop a friendship, but the woman's fiancée becomes jealous and bans them seeing each other. However the woman and the stranger stay friends and eventually become lovers, the fiancée finds out however and traps the stranger at the bottom of the ship.

The woman manages to set him free but the boat hits an iceberg and starts to sink, they manage to make it out but there is still a fight for survival, they find a piece of wreckage, however only the woman can fit on, the man freezes and drowns. When the woman is asked her name when he survivors are gathered together, she takes the man's last name

What do you all think, could this be popular? Who could star in it? What could I call it?
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I think that's been done before, old chap.
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