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    Here's my situation.

    From the time I began high school I had no problems academically. I would understand things relatively quick and I would always over achieve in terms of grades. Even though I would not put much time and effort into my work I would always either scrape the bare minimum pass grade or get even higher... I remember one time I forgot to do a creative writing essay for English and in a rush I did it on the bus on the back of a Sky+ bill my Mum left in my bag for some reason... and I still got the A star.

    My predicted GCSe grades were as follows :
    English - A
    Maths - B
    Science - C
    Media - A/B
    Drama - A
    Business - A/B
    History - A/B
    Law - A/B

    All going smoothly right? Wrong. You see, I've always had an attitude problem and used to get into trouble quite a lot. Being cheeky, disregarding rules etc. I don't know how I used to do it, but I couldn't go a day without getting in trouble. And all the while I used to get OKAY grades (not immaculate but still passes). It compounded 10 fold when I started coming into school in Year 10 high as hell and still getting good grades. I remember doing an English exam high as feck and although I got an A I finished 20 minutes early to have a nap...

    I buckled up and fixed up my act by Year 11 and even started going to revision classes (my previous D grade maths raised to a B, Science E raised to a C etc.) but my misery came when I was finally kicked out after a ruck too many. December the 1st 2010 it was. The finishing incident was over some theft or some dumb **** like that.

    Anyways, I feel like a prick now. Not only have I hurt and let down my precious Ma' who invested so much of her time into making me good and leading me down the straight and narrow, but myself... and with 5 months left til' my final GCSE's my potential could be ultimately wasted and I fear I could end up like those bums on Jeremy Kyle (or even worse yet, the bums thats watch Jeremy Kyle or any other silly daytime TV because they have no job).

    They threw me into some rehab centre for other kids that got kicked out, but all of them are Year 10's and the work we do there is basic year 10 foundation rubbish that will not lead me anywhere. It is almost patronizing how easy the work is.

    So I ask you noble people, where the **** do I go from here on in... is that it? Am I failure with no GCSE's? Will this mean no college and more importantly no university because my grades were always good but my attitude was awful and I learnt that the hard way. All other schools in the borough aren't willing to believe that I've changed my devious ways and now as I watch all my (dumber) friends gain GCSE's, I'll be the clever one with nothing

    I am soon to start an I.C.S home schooling course and hope to do my GCSE's from there, only that we might not be able to afford it...

    I know I messed up big time, but is that it for me? Does that mean there is no future for this talented kid who seemingly let it slip away? Or is there hope?

    Maybe I should end it all now and put myself out of my misery...

    I am prepared to work hard for any alternative solution... just give me one!!

    I call troll...

    Here's some advice. Don't slate Jeremy Kyle. That show is gold.
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    (Original post by Kiwiguy)
    I call troll...
    whats a troll? sorry I ent up to date with internet slang and that.

    serious advice please, i know my situation is obscure, but i am really really lost. 16 years old and nowhere to go at this stage, what of my future?

    dont turn this thread into a jermey kyle arguement
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