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    Is there somebody with who you have undeniable sexual chemistry, and who you will always care for? I have a friend, since I was at high school, I really liked him. We were both shy and were never honest with each other. I learned to stay quiet. He got a girlfirend, and they will be going out nearly 3 years. (this is guy1)

    We would see each other (in the company of mutual friends), he would text me asking where I was going out on quite a regular basis. (this is over the past few years)

    This summer, I found out a new friend from university liked me, things progressed and we fell in love. To be honest, this helped me to stop thinking about Guy 1. But in my heart I never stopped having feelings for him. But over the years I accepted nothing was ever going to happen.

    But this is where it gets complicated lol.

    My (now-ex) boyfriend and I broke up last week. Last night, I saw guy 1, when i got home, he texted me saying 'Love you', he misses me and will always care for me. I didnt know what to say due to genuine shock. I had been waiting years to hear this. Him and his girlfriend seem to be in a rut, he wouldnt want to hurt her i dont think. I dont know why he was telling me this, and why now? Was it becuase he watched me be happy in a relationship and realised I was not sitting round pining for him.

    I didnt tell him i have v strong feelings for him, because I dont know what he wants to do. But then again, I dont want to not acknowledge the words he said to me, and let this love that i have wished for for so long to slip away.

    (I was so upset about me and my boyfriend splitting up, but after hearing these words last night, i feel very little pain for my failed relationship)

    Do I let him take time and think about what he wants to do? He might not do anything if he doesnt know how I feel. I dont know if I can put myself out there and risk being hurt.

    My ex boyfriend and I still talk

    ANY advice on how I should progress with this situation would be helpful. I realise you guys will probably have got lost in my explanation lol. Im confused too lol.

    Helps if you put names to the guys names.



    If I were you, I would refuse to communicate with him in that way until he was single. Depending on which way things go, either you or her are back up plans to him.

    This might not be what you want to hear, but could you really trust this best friend of yours (if things happened) knowing that when he was with his ex, he was texting declarations of love to you?

    He loves you not.

    It seems like guy 1 is using u a little bit! But 2bh, to stop all the confusion, u should ask why he (guy 1) told u "love u" & that he cares about u & esp ask him why now he chooses to tell u! & I think u should also tell him how u feel about him, u don't have to go overboard, just say that u have feelings for him which are more than just friendship feelings! & if he confesses he feels the same about u then tell him that if he truly means it then the ultimatum is u, or the girlfriend! But don't just leave everything in his court, tell him you're not waiting forever, & then give him a time span of like a week or something to make up his mind!

    If he chooses u then he has to clean cutly break up with his current gf, & if he chooses her then the semi-flirting or whatever it is that is going on with u two has to stop! Finito! Completely!

    Simple as! Just be strong!

    You crazy, 'love you' is just what friends say to each other.
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Updated: December 30, 2010
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