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Different learning styles (in uni): how does it affect you? Watch

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    Thread question: what kind of learner are you and how has/did it affected/affect your time at uni? (in particular, lectures and labs, though general uni life is fine)


    Brief discussion of the learning styles
    Most everyone on this Earth apparently naturally gravitate towards learning about the world and what it has to offer in one of a few various "learning styles". The most common of which are the Visual, Auditory and Kineasthetic styles. These styles are broad categories of different ways and methods that we as Humans use to figure out and discover whatever it is that we need or want to learn, particularly when it comes to applied knowledge and/or understanding the theory of a subject or topic.

    Effectively, these learning styles note the little mannerisms that we all do when we're learning something, whether we realise it or not. They help us to understand how we learn and how best to help the learning process for ourselves and others. Many people reportedly use a combination of more than one learning style but it tends to be the case that only one of these styles is ever really used to it's full effect-- though some people may truely be able to use multiple styles, which may or may not be a benefit or drawback to their individual learning.

    Everyday examples of learning styles:

    Visual learners -- they think in pictures and symbols, learn better with visual metaphors, tend to find diagrams and mind maps help them best, drawing out plans for projects is their thing, have a little "eagle eye" thing going on naturally ( :wink2: )

    Auditory learners -- they think in sounds, learn better by spoken or written word, tend to write out brief notes for memory but can remember much detail from those small notes, detailed instructions and lists help them best, talking about or listening to recorded dialogue about a subject is very helpful to them, have a natural appreciation of sound and heightned sense of hearing

    Kineasthetic learners -- they think in steps and techniques, learn better by doing something, prefer learning by being walked through a particular topic, practise truely makes perfect for them, feel very comfortable in an applied situation of learning (workshops, lab work etc...) rather than theory (lectures, discussions) or watching demonstrations

    Learning styles are not exclusively based learning around learning but inhabit our general, day-to-day lives as well. From how we go about our day, communicate with people and even when we're just doing the weekly grocery shopping! And one can't help but note how much they affect the way we live and the jobs we do. Many writers tend to plan their stories out in notes, artists tend to do several rough sketches of a piece before deciding on the final approach, and hobbyists tend to build models and make things just for the hell of it! This is, of course, not necessarily true for all people but most everyone usually has their own little thing going on that might not make much sense to someone else.

    Anyway, that's enough writing from me for now. If you've actually read this whole little piece, then I appreciate you taking the time to do so and I wholly expect a bombardment of comments about sweeping statments, generalisations and stereotyping from you all. :wink2: Thanks for reading!
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