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The Cambridge clinical course is currently two and a quarter years, divided into three phases, each building on the other, and an elective period.

In Phase I (6 months) you learn the basic concepts of clinical assessment including communication skills and the fundamentals of medicine and surgery.
During Phase II (13 months) you rotate through various medical and surgical subspecialities.
In your Elective Period (2 months) you have the option of going anywhere in the world to see medicine practised in different cultures, or to undertake research in a particular area of interest.
In Phase III (6 months) you consolidate your clinical skills in senior medical and surgical attachments as well as attachments in General Practice and some of the important medical subspecialities.
Throughout the clinical course you will have weekly 'supervisions' from young doctors to ensure that you acquire the requisite clinical skills. We place great emphasis on the appropriate compassionate approach of the doctor to the ill person, and the patient's effective, evidence-based treatment.

In addition to its standard clinical course, the Cambridge Clinical School at present also offers an MB/PhD Programme which enables students who are planning a career in academic medicine to intercalate three years of research with their clinical training.
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k, nicely copied and pasted, but what for?
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(Original post by DanMushMan)
k, nicely copied and pasted, but what for?
funny thing is its wrong lol
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