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Hey everyone,

As has become an annual tradition, it's time to honour the best members we have in the football forum.

Voting can be done at this link: Please put your username in the first box (votes will be kept confidential) and then enter the usernames of the people you would like to vote for the awards in the appropriate boxes.

You can vote anytime between now and 11.59PM on January 1st, 2011. The winners will be announced shortly after.


1. You have to have registered more than 3 months ago to the site.
2. You have to have more than 150 posts.
3. You cannot vote from a dupe account.
4. Please do not vote if you don't use the football forum very much.

You can vote in as many categories as you like, and you may vote once per category.

The categories you can vote on are as follows:

1. The Marc Albrighton Award. This is for the best newcomer to the football forum (not necessarily the site overall).
2. The Kelly Smith Award. The award for best female posting on the forum.
3. The England 2018 Award. The award for the most missed, so please vote only for people who have stopped posting in football.
4. The Mario Balotelli Award. The award for funniest member.
5. The Andy Gray Award. The revealing of the biggest wind-up merchant (WUM) on the forum.
6. The Ian Holloway Award. The award for best debater.
7. The Alex Ferguson Award The award for the most knowledgeable member
8. The Lionel Messi Award. This is the award for the member who supports a different team that you'd most like on your team.
9. The David Beckham Award. This is for the best member of the forum overall.

If you want to discuss the awards, please do so here:

If anything is unclear, please get in touch either by PMing me or posting in the above thread.

Good luck and happy voting!
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