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Right, so here's the situation : there's this guy who lives in Manchester with who I've been talking for a year or so now, on the internet. We really get along and he made it very obvious that he liked me, even saying so to me. (Especially when he's drunk in the middle of the night, ha ha.) I recently made it clear that I did aswell, and he's supposed to come to my city in 3 weeks (He still has to book his flight..).

So, the thing is, he really wants to do something with his life, travel or something, and I get it because I'm the same kind of person, but he's already 24 and I'm younger, getting in university next year. So that's something he can do, but I can't.
He told me earlier that he applied for a job in Spain. Godam Spain ! In la Costa Del Sol, very very far away...

I am being selfish, I know I am, and ridiculous aswell. So I didnt tell him what I really thought about it of course (like "if you're going down there how the hell could we have something? and what about me going to Manchester next year youhou?"...).
I know I know this is stupid, and silly, cause we have nothing yet and it might never happen, but I had built this up in my head and I could already picture myself with him, kind of...

So, in fact, what I was wondering was... Well should I tell him at some point ? Or just pretend I don't give a **** and just move on ?

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