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Hello there!

Hope you all had a good Xmas.

I'm thinking of taking up Trampolining in the new year to compliment my other sports and improve fitness and flexibility. Can anybody give me any tips and/or advice on taking up Trampolining etc.?

If you do it, how do you find it? I'm a little worried about it being viewed as a "girly" sport but then again is that such a bad thing being surrounded by nice girls Ok ok I'm not doing it for that reason (before anybody mistakes me for some tacky flirt) but it's something I really want to try and if I do happen to be one of few guys doing it in and amongst a sea of pretty girls then the Gods must be smiling on me right?

I'm looking to work on my abs and leg muscles and here jumping exercises is good for that hence why I opted for Trampolining.

Thanks for any advice.

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