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Hi Everyone,

I am going to give A Levels Computing in May/June 2011. I am a bit confused about practical project. Kindly can anyone tell me the details about Computing project? What we really have to do in the project? I heard that project should be handed over before 30 April. Its getting quite confusing for me. So please help me. I would be grateful to you guys.

Best regards
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Haha oh man, you're a bit behind. I was well into the development stage by this point.


Any information from this point on is based solely on the WJEC examined Computing A Level at A2 not AS, if you're doing the AS this isn't going to be helpful in the slightest.

Computing A Level requires you submit a program designed and built by you for a 'client' (I made mine up but they like you to go out and find someone). I built a client invoicing system in VB.NET using MySQL as a database manager. The program would build a database of clients, projects, deadlines and other admin related info. It would also process invoices (print out invoices, email receipts to clients, work out final prices etc) and I tossed in a search function for good measure (big mistake, many a sleepless night over that particular feature).

The spec asks you to include relational tables or you lose half the marks instantly. Relational tables are basically databases that interlink with each other at some point in the program. If you don't make a big song and dance about this you'll lose a lot of marks.

The majority of the marks however, come from the documentation of the project. Mine was reaching 600 pages when I handed it in, tutors face was priceless (she was a gem though, gave me at least 2 weeks beyond the 'deadline' to finish). It's very helpful to have an old project to look at when you're starting your own. I'd have been lost without something to reference to keep me on track. Don't take code from it though, they will find you out as someone in the year above me learned the hard way.

Try not to freak out, it's a lot of work but I managed it and I had another coursework heavy subject on top. Still found time to go out on Fridays so you won't be living in the computer lab/bedroom for the next few months. Just crack on and ask your tutor for a project that scored highly from last year. Hell, if you go to Tapton 6th Form you can use mine. Scored 98%.

Good luck!

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