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    Looking for accommodation for 2011/2012 (currently 2nd years). At the minute we're renting direct from an independant landlord but we're not staying here next year (not because the landlord is bad, but because we've lost people from our group) and we're looking elsewhere.

    So; has anyone ever had issues with Student Digz? If so, what issues did you have? I've heard the usual horror stories and theories but I've never heard anything concrete to say they're "rubbish".


    I'd stay independent, tbh. Agencies come with all kind of trouble!

    I found my house last year on There's not a lot on there atm but there will be soon!
    My landlord only owns two houses, and they're retired, so it means that as soon as there's an issue, they come straight round and fix it for us! The other house is a four bed, and I think it's going up for rental soon if you want any details?

    I was with student digz for two years

    everyone will tell you not to go with agencies, but to be honest I didn't have a problem with them.

    Always paid rent late, sometimes months late (so did my housemates) and nothing happened to us lol

    (Original post by chatham4)
    I would stay independent, if possible look at private agents such as dawsons last minute and you can get a much nicer house for far less money, this does mean waiting until august though as most agents wont hold the house for you through the summer at half rent. We went with the living room last year and had no end on troubles with them, there was water running down the walls at one point and they took weeks to even look at it, its probably still not fixed. The boiler and washing machine broke and our shower set on fire at one point. Dont get me wrong, im sure there are some really nice student houses out there, we were just unlucky!!
    Student letting agencies are very expensive, and they do charge the same agency fees for finding you a property as dawsons, rent wise, we were paying £900 a month for a 3 bed house in mount pleasant and now we pay £590 a month for a 4 bed new build, we're on a 9 month contract but we can extend that if we want to stay longer.
    Take a look around and see whats out there and don't get pressured by student agencies like we did, there are loads of houses in swansea.
    Oooh! Where's your house now? Just I'm thinking of moving this year, so I'm looking at all the options, and not just standard student houses!

    (Original post by psychocustard)
    Oooh! Where's your house now? Just I'm thinking of moving this year, so I'm looking at all the options, and not just standard student houses!

    Take a look on Zoopla, it has all the houses for rent in swansea on there with all agencies.

    Hey, i currently live in a preoperty managed by student digz and the moment it was left by th last occupent (in a complete state) they advised is that there is some work to be done on the property and they would get this done asap as our tennancy at our old house had ran out, we moved into our new house on the 3rd of Jan, a busy time for any comany after the xmas holidays but they had orginised a cleaner on a bank holiday non the less to clean the carpets after the bulders and damp proofers had been in the house working over the holidays and it was ready to move in, there was a minor issue that the boiler was broken but a phone call to the office had a plumber round the same day but had to get the part which only took a few hours and we where lovely and warm in our new house.

    I think the guys in the office can be busy but they do work well on your behalve, i always keep in the back of my mind that they can only do so much without the 'nod' from landlords, my last house before moving into studentDigz was private and we had no end of issues with out 'dragon' of a land lady.

    I'm happy with them and i will continue to recommend them to anyone i come across
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