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Been to college this morning. We hardly touched on research - I've spent all week trying to get it into my head, and we've been doing abnormalities!(spent 10 mins if that on research!).
To be honest, I'm getting so mixed up with what we've done, still need to do, and trying to arrange some sort of schedule for revising!
I've come home and tried to sort out my files into some sort of organised chaos.
Everyone else in the class seems to be getting it ok and not looking at all confused- so it must just be me. I knew I'd find it hard when our tutor told us she was going to teach us abnormalities and research together - but I'm still reeling! I felt exactly the same last week. I didn't say anything as I thought it would gradually make sense, but I just seem to be getting more confused.
What is the best way for me to get out of this?
Should I go back and read through Obedience & Conformity, and concentrate on that this week (reading, making notes and then trying to do some questions)- and try again with either research or abnormality next week, or what?
Sorry to be a pain, but I've come home and cried my eyes out! I'm trying so hard to take it all in, but I don't seem to be able to jump from one module to another- so god knows what I'll be like when I take the exams (all on the same day!).
Any help would be appreciated. I was feeling really positive this morning, and now I just feel flattened.
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I know its hard. I had to try and learn social influence and research methods together and its not much fun. Try to sort out your notes into each topic; memory, attachment, abnormality, stress, social influence and research methods (I'm assuming you are doing the same modules as I did but if they are different dont panic. Its just an assumption!) Once you've got it all organised you can start to concentrate on things like reading around the topic and revision. Any reading you havent done for either module try to do before you start to write up things like revision notes. Its always good to read up on the topic after the lecture, especially if you are confused by it. So go and read up on the things you studied today in psychology (abnormality). You dont have to read the whole chapter, just the relevant bits that you covered in class today. Do that after every psychology class you have. Then when it comes to extra time to revise etc, start to read up on the bits that you havent covered in class or you havent got round to reading. You can then make revision notes from the book and your notes from class, take the exam, pass the exam and celebrate by getting very drunking or eating lots and lots of chocolate (I prefer the last celebration).

Dont panic! Just read around the stuff you covered in class. Read it a couple of times and if you still dont understand it, post a message on here or look up websites that might help. S-cool ( is very useful for revision notes. It makes it clear and simple for you to understand.

As for not doing anything on abnormality/research methods this week and doing social influence instead...dont put things off because you think they will be difficult. If you were planning to do social influence when you get home, fair enough, go ahead and do it. BUT if you were going to do the other two modules but have decided they are too hard....that very very naughty (Ill tell your son) because you'll always put it off and then run out of time. What I'm trying to say is dont change the things you planned to do. If you want to do social influence, do it but dont just do it because the other topics seem to difficult. However, here is some advice I found, if Im work up over some work, it is often a good idea to just have the evening off and sit and watch some TV. Forget about it, then tomorrow have a good crack at it, as much as you can. You'll feel better for the break.

My advice is a bit random. I just dont want you to put of work because you think its too hard, but then I dont want you to stress yourself out when you really just need to take a break for things for time to time. I say have a break this evening, forget about psychology, watch your favourite film, cook your favourite meal (or even better get someone else to cook it for you) and relax in a bubble bath. Then tomorrow, get up and say "Im going to do some abnormality work". Sit down, calmly and read up on the stuff you cover in class. If you still dont understand have a look at the s-cool website, if you still dont understand, post here and if you really are stuck go to the teacher and shout at them......I did in counselling and know everything is great! Calm down! Now stop thinking about work and go and have a nice bath and get your son to go to the chip shop or get you some chocolate/icecream. Thats an oder.

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Thanks Helen. I'd somehow 'lost' my password so I didn't get an e-mail telling me you'd replied - I thought even you had given up on me!
I did what you advised and have'nt looked at psy. since e-mailing you after college on Thursday! Feel rather guilty, but I think you were right - I had probably done too much and needed some time out.

I've had a think about what you advised and have decided that;
1) I'll do as you suggest and read through the eating disorders that we did on Thursday at college - and read through what we do the day after college each week.
2) I'm going to leave revising research & abnormalities until we've finished them.
3) I'm going to start revising obedience & conformity and then start on exam questions this week since we've fully covered that module.
That way, I might be able to keep on track rather than feel totally bogged down and confused. I just felt that there was too much to remember and learn on Thursday - and everyone else at college was really enjoying eating disorders - all I could think about was the research methods that I'd spent all week learning!
Will 'speak' to you soon - and thanks once again,
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