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lol Tnacilppa same... i had such a good looking interviewer ( female ) at liverpool

i was so pleased when i got the offer she was a Doctor also :P

i was thinking after' k when my career shoots off im gonna come back to see you so i can marry you ' haha

its all good fun
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(Original post by musicboy)
My subject interview at Robinson was really nice and kind of informal. I got the chance to chat about adorno to someone which is something I never get to do. Even in London I don't know anyone who has read his stuff so it was great to talk about it. On the other hand my interview at selwyn was horrible and intimidating. The interviewer would not let me talk about my interests in music anyway I got an offer from robinson so i'm hppy.

At the vet day i went to at Cam a few weeks ago, a heard that Selwyn were very harsh interviewers. This guy who actually got in sadit eh girl before threw up half way through, and the girl after cried. I must say that i know the guy who interviewed, and if you had never met him before i can imagine it could be a rather disturbing experience.
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