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James Robertson
Report 18 years ago

You guys shouldn't be complaining about awards ceremonies. I live in
NSW, and we get nothing here. If you got 45 here, the highest person you
would receive congratulations from would be your
headmaster/headmistress/principal... and maybe a University offering you
a scholarship. Unfortunately, my state is still to realise there is more
to education than simply the Government-run Higher School Certficate,
which seems now no more than a remnant of government policy rather than
a matriculation certificate. The HSC is a complete joke now, the only
way you can get less than 50 is not to turn up to your exams. And the
subject content is getting easier and easier. Unlike the IB, which still
remains a decent education system. Over the last few years, our state
has had the worst Government minister I have ever seen. He was an
absolute joke, and I have never seen anyone handle a ministerial
portfolio so badly. The best thing Bob Carr ever did was sack the guy.
He's got my vote for that...

I wish my state would give more recognition to the IB, because it IS a
better course. I even got a scholarship application knocked back because
I didn't receive an HSC score.... sound unfair? You guys are very
lucky... be happy you get such recognition.

Anyway, well done.

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