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When I was browsing another thread on comparison between UCL and Imperial for Maths and saw Pencil Queen's post saying Bath was top uni for Maths I found this item relating to uni league tables for this year.The University of Bath

"I could not agree more with The Times' article describing Bath university as the UK's hidden shining star. The well-managed sandwich courses provide valuable industrial experience and provide the opportunity to live and work outside the UK, widening cultural as well as potential employment horizons.

"Bath's pastoral care includes on-site counselling and legal advice readily available. Its sporting facilities are world class, and departments such as engineering, pharmacology and management are respected internationally. The library was the first university one to open 24 hours a day.

"You don't need Bristol down the road for nightlife either, ten nightclubs, one of which has the best sound system facilities outside London, and three cinemas, are more than enough to keep the average student very happy. Plus, you get to live in a world heritage city for the duration of your degree. What more could you ask for?" Dr Janet Fernihough
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