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I am 19 years old and never had relationship longer than 1-2 weeks (I always ended them). Problem is that apparently I have high demands from girls and it takes a lot for a girl to start to interest me. I ended all those previous short relationships because I knew it would not work. I look quite young and usually can hold a deep conversation only with the girls of my age or older (bad thing is that they look older than me, so I imagine they dont want to feel like my "mother") - just saying how I feel it. I truly wanted only one girl in my life, she was 2 years older and when I finally found the balls to tell her I was rejected, not exactly sure why (she also ended up crying, so I must have meant at least something to her) - at that point my ego was below freezing point. I have some poor sexual experience but never slept with anyone.

I know for sure that if I will lower from my demands, I will feel unhappy. It almost seems like I am trying to get the girls from the "another league". I am really caring about myself, do the best what I can to improve my looks etc. just still cant find that one cute, intelligent, funny girl who would be also interested in me.

Thanks for any non-trolling response.
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so all you want to find is a cute, intelligent, funny girl who is intrested in you.
hmmm... your not asking for much are you???

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