Teenage girl worried about weak bladder - HELP! Watch

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Anon please because this is a personal issue. Thanks.

I'm a healthy 17 yr old but recently I've felt the urge to pee a lot more than usual which is a real nuisance when I'm out and have to wait to find a loo. and this is probably a needless fear, but I've been worrying about wetting myself or passing dribbles of urine. This is a really embarrassing problem....I haven't actually wet myself since I was about 7 but I keep worrying about it when I'm out and desperately need the loo.

I'm hoping it's just something which will pass as it's only started to happen over the last two or three weeks or so.
I read some stuff about it on the internet and apparently it's quite common for this to happen in teenage girls, more common that you'd think. Has anyone else suffered from this?

It's not related to an STI (I'm a virgin) and I don't think I have a weak bladder (I never used to, anyway!). Is there anything I can do to minimize my fear/stop this happening? Or should I just wear pantyliners?

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