No longer under contract but can't get hold of landlord - do we still owe rent? Watch

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My contract ended on the 16th of February for the student accomodation my partner and I share. Our landlord has always been hard to contact as he never really answers his phone or gets back to his tenants after leaving a message.

We had asked him to extend it by 2 months when we finally spoke, and he agreed, however he acidentally put three months extension down on the contact. This was left on our table whilst we were away for a week at my partners home for us to sign.

We're now trying to get hold of him to sort this out, but having trouble once again with him not answering. Technically now our rent for the first 6 months is fully paid and our previous contract has ended.

If he doesn't bother to contact us, are we legally obliged to pay for the time we are now living in the flat, as we are not under a contact?

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