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Home economics, hows the subject like from first hand experience from doing at A level? I'm thinking about taking it....I have heard that it's not seen as a serious A level. Is it a good A level to take with say, Geography and sociology, and Law? Seems like a good combination? * I'm not sure what career I want to head in, I'm chosing subjects that I think I'll have an interest in.

* Sociology because I did Health and social care got an A
* Law because I've heard good things about it, and it seems interesting
* Geography on the other hand...I havent done it at GCSE? and me and maths don't go together very well...at all. Is a lot of maths involved?
* And home economics beause I heard it's similar to Health and social care, i did that at A level, and yes did well in it.

PS if wondering why dont you just take H&SC, You need a B in bio

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Hi, im currently in year 13 and taking maths, chemisty and home economics so i should be able to help. For a start my combination is a bit messed up but after GCSE's i knew i liked food tech and science so yeah.

As for home economics the first year up to january you would work perfectly with sociology where you look at demography and trends which should tie in nicely. The course as a whole is interesting, I found the first year rather boring and got a confortable C whereas the A2 part of the course begins to get interesting where the course looks into all the nutrients in detail and is a little more sciency The A2 year does have coursework which could be seen as an advantage or in my case not. By the way there is no maths what so ever involved in home ec.

The combination of Geography, sociology, law and food tech seems good as they all involve alot of writing :P There is nothing worse than scribbling on a page in science and maths to writing a 25 mark answer in home ec.

Also Home economics is a pretty underprescribed course, when applying for universities I am looking at doing food science and home economics is the a level to have when applying for manufacturing jobs, however if im totally honest if your not wanting to take a food further do not take home ec, take a science as a science a level in general is recognised much better compared to the specific home ec a level.

Hope I helped
(if your wondering why im up this late, im trying to do home ec coursework.)
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I do home economics at AS and I'm about to do my exams in it. It's not a dossy a level, even though some people consider it to be. It is considered a science subject if you were thinking of doing a uni course in: nursing or being a paramedic. Also, I take english literature, performance studies, history and home economics and out of them all I've learnt the most from home economics as it teaches you so much and its extremely interesting. You learn about: family and society, food provision, food saftey and hygiene, resources, heath conditions etc. I would extremely recommend taking this subject as you learn the most that can be used during every day life and it makes you aware of everything, both in the home and society.
Its also the a level with the most similarities to GCSE style questioning so its easier and quicker to pick up and less stressful to learn the exam technique.
Good luck with your A Levels. I hope this helped x

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