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New rules on nurses watches?

I'm on a work placement at the moment and a student nurse there was wearing one of the new plastic "gel" fob watch that's all smooth and plastic ... And she said all nurses must now wear these new ones for health and safety.

But around and about I've seen loads of nurses wearing the od style and she had just come from the major university hospital,

So what's the deal? Is it just new nurses? Is it just a request rather than a rule? Is it just in the major hospitals?

I'm just curiose - also I have seen lots of shops still selling the old style specifically for nurses!
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Its been "advised" that Nurses use Silicone fobs rather than metal which have a greater infection control risk
Meh news to me! I hate the gel ones as they're sooo flimsey, and break v.easily!

In my trust we can only wear them in the inside of our pockets though...:colonhash:

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