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Heya. I'm new here. Got no exciting info bout my apps YET, but heres a list of places I've applied to...

1. Oxford, Fine Art (rejected! Yeehaa)
2. UCL, Fine Art (still waiting, but i dont really care)
3. Royal Holloway, Media Arts ('tis my 1st choice now. hope 2 hear from
them very soon!)
4. Goldsmiths, International Media (actually after sending my form i
realized i should have applied for
Media&Communication instead)
5. Queen Mary, Film Studies&Drama (still waiting, but they're prbbly not
gonna like my personal statement
coz its all bout media!)
6. Manchester, Drama&Screen Studies (nah, they aint gonna like my PS
neither... and i dont really care...)

well, yep, this looks quite dangerous! I hope I'll get into Royal Holloway, coz I really wanna study Media i fell in luv with that place! they received my apps last week. how soon will I get the results?
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you will probably get them in march or later, if you're lucky some will pop out in february but art unis usually take aaages coz they wanna see all the applicants' portfolios, etc... it also depends on the demand for places, royal holloway will prob take time since it would (i imagine but ain't sure) have lots of applicants interested in their course. hope this helps, good luck
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